Vine Vera Top Picks for Workout Gear – Vine Vera Reviews

Now that a New Year is upon us all, most people are trying to get rid of all of that unhealthy post-holiday weight gain, and get back to the normal pre-holiday body we all had. Perhaps you’re finally taking the initiative to get healthy after being excessively overweight for quite some time – and if so, we commend you on that! Losing weight can be a fun, great way to gain back self-confidence and self-worth. It’s important to ensure you are losing weight the right way, however, by implementing healthy steps such as working out into your daily life.

Vine Vera has found some of the coolest picks for workout gear and we would love to share these with our readers. After all, half the fun of working out is gearing up and looking cute at the same time!


Coral Rosche Nikes with Floral ‘Nike Swoosh’

We know, we know. Spring time isn’t here yet, neither is summer. However, it’s not too far off! And why not put a bit of spring in your step with these adorable Spring/Summery running shoes? After all, one of the most important components to working out is ensuring you have a fabulous pair of shoes that will hold your weight well and provide all of the support with the ultimate comfort available. Any girl would be thrilled to own this amazing pair of shoes – and she’d look fabulous at the same time!

Seamless Jogging Suits

These outfits are off the charts in terms of comfort, wearability, cuteness factor, and style. You can mix and match colors and they hold everything together with the ultimate in support and comfort. Every woman who is deciding to work out should definitely own a couple of these fantastic suits, and have them on rotation. These suits are perfect for running, walking, Pilates, and Yoga. Hey, you could even grab two outfits that would match the colors in those gorgeous Nike’s we talked about above! Sweet!

Polar Loop activity tracker | Polar USA

Polar Loop Heart Rate & GPS Monitors

Anyone who’s decided to run, walk, or even join a gym and do the same there will definitely want to invest in one of these amazing monitors. Not only do they track your heart rate with accuracy, they also provide GPS tracking and devices which track your every movement throughout the day, allowing you to really track how active you are. They have different models available, from lower end to higher end – but one thing’s for sure, all of their products are of the highest quality and are a must have when working out!

4-Pack Tritan Unbreakable Infuser Water Bottles $21 Shipped

Tritan Infuser Water Bottles

Not only are these amazing water bottles unbreakable, but they are equipped with an area to add some fresh fruit to your water! How cool is this? For those who find it difficult to drink water alone, this is the perfect, healthy solution to flavor your water the natural and healthy way. And for all you klutz’s, have no fear – no matter what you drop this bottle on, it won’t break! This is a fabulous addition to any fitness routine.

Vine Vera hopes you found these awesome workout items as fabulous as we did. Now, get into gear, and get that butt into shape for the New Year!


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