Vine Vera Reviews 2015 – The Year of Wearable Tech

Wearable technology was finally introduced to the world in the year 2014. Some devices might have fared much better than others, but things are just kicking off when it comes to wearable technology. In the year 2014, the hottest theme around wearable tech was in the field of mobile technology. A variety of wearable gadgets were introduced in the markets that could keep a track of all sorts of things, right from the amount of sunlight your skin gets exposed to all the way to seizures. We also saw a variety of device sizes as device makers tried to offer things that were not only functional, but also fashionable. Vine Vera reviews the success achieved by wearable technology in the year 2014 and what it has in store for us in the year 2015.

2015 has often been termed as the year of wearable tech because of the promising developments that should be completed this year. Although activity trackers like Jawbone Up comprised of the majority of the wearable tech market, device makers like Google, Samsung and LG began to push smart watches in the year 2014. Moreover, companies like Airbnb and Groupon have also begun to design apps for small screens. Apple enjoyed the biggest success in the year 2014 in the form of its high profile smart watch that was unveiled in the month of September. This smart watch look exudes style and it offers users with a sensitive touch screen as well as a dial that can scroll and zoom. Things are further expected to take a quantum leap in the year 2015 as these technologies get upgraded.

Furthermore, companies are trying to innovate on new solutions when it comes to wearable technology to woo more and more customers. Features are giving way to simplicity to make things user friendly and concentrate more on the effectiveness and appearance of these products. There has been a greater focus on accurate biometric tracking as well. In the month of November, a company known as Empatica came up with a wristband for people suffering with epilepsy that can track the seizures and work along with the Smartphone to let family members know when the wearer is suffering from a seizure. The device should be hitting the markets by the summer of 2015 and make life easier for so many people around the world.

Other companies have also come up with products that have attempted to make technology more useful, intimate and comfortable. OMsignal, a startup, began to sell shirts that have been knitted with electrodes to keep a track of heart rates and breathing. A device fitted in the shirt pockets stores this information and keeps a track of the person’s movements as well. This data can then be reviewed on an iPhone app.

That being said, wearable devices that are more obvious (things like the Smart glasses) have a long way to go before they can begin to be widely accepted by consumers around the world. This is all too evident by studying the case of the Google Glass, a device that first launched in the year 2012 and is still to be released as a mainstream consumer product. The device also seems to be losing interest and many companies have already stopped working on apps that can function on such devices.

Regardless, of the fate of the Google Glass, the year 2015 certainly promises to be an exciting one when it comes to wearable technology. Convincing consumers to change their lifestyles might take some work, but as these apps become cooler, one can expect a greater level of acceptability across the globe.


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