Vine Vera Reviews the Resolutions You Should Never Make

2014-2015 change represents the new year 2014, three-dimensional renderingIt is said that anything that you do for 21 days at a stretch ends up becoming a habit. But, if you end up dropping the habit after a few months, it simply means that the habit wasn’t for you. Nutritionists always recommend their patients to take things one at a time and space them out gradually to ensure that they are a transition instead of a sudden commitment and to make sure that they actually stick. In this article, Vine Vera examines some of the resolutions that you shouldn’t be making for the New Year. Following these tips from Vine Vera can help you save yourself from that feeling of failure when you end up breaking resolutions that were impossible to keep in the first place.

Eliminating a food group from your diet

Unless you have a serious allergy to a particular food item or a food group, chances are that you’re trying to get rid of things like dairy products, red meat or gluten. While this might be an excellent thing to do, you more often than not cannot sustain this habit. In fact, the moment you inhale the smell of something you’re trying to quit, all those resolutions go down the drain. You need to understand that dramatic measures most often end up in failure when it comes to your habits. The ideal thing to do is to reduce on things you want to quit slowly and substituting them with healthier options.

Finding true love

It is great to hope to find true love, but irrespective of how you feel, there is no way of ensuring that you will find true love in a given year. So, instead of making a resolution of finding love, you might be better off making a resolution to meet more people, breaking existing patterns and going out with people you have never gone out with.

Quit Smoking

This might be the best New Year’s resolution to have, but you really cannot assign a particular date after which you can simply drop off the habit. In order to stop smoking, you really need to be convinced that you just have to stop and that can happen at any time. Just doing so because you need to make a resolution, won’t make it last. Remember, you need to find a bigger reason to stop smoking. Once you do, it should be easy enough to quit. 

Becoming spiritual

You cannot become spiritual overnight. Spirituality needs to make sense with who you are as a person. If you really feel like becoming spiritual, that’s great. But, you need to understand that you cannot force yourself into something like this. An ideal way would be to get to know religion and learn more about yourself. This might end up taking more than a year, so don’t rush into it. 

Breaking up with a partner

Why do you feel the need to end a relationship on January 1? When you’re in a relationship, there is always a reason to go on and try to work things out. Moreover, if you have been involved with the person for quite some time, you or your partner might even have made some plans. They say that you don’t hurt someone by breaking up on Christmas. Well, you don’t do that on New Year’s either. So, don’t wait until the New Year’s to make a resolution to break up. If you must break up, do it today!

Setting a goal in terms of your weight

While it might great to think about going back to the weight that you enjoyed during your teens, it also seems to be very unrealistic. Keeping such resolutions might just end up in frustration. Remember; don’t compare yourself to that celebrity in her twenties or the 18-year-old-you. Think about what seems real and set realistic targets.

Joining a Gym

Joining a gym might be a great thing to do, but just because you paid money for the membership doesn’t mean that you will automatically start exercising. And even if you do, you might end up dropping it within a couple of months. The ideal way to go about things is to find classes where you can pay for each visit. This helps you to grow into the role and ensure that you only take a membership once you’re ready to commit.

Starting off afresh with a friend

If things have been falling apart with a friend for quite some time, chances are that it won’t change after the New Year’s either. It makes sense to be realistic and refrain from making such resolutions. If things work out, great! But if they don’t, you should simply move on and cherish the moments you spent together.


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