Vine Vera on Updating Your Home for the New Year – VineVera Reviews

House made of tools over white backgroundNow that the Holiday season is coming to a close, it’s time to pack away all of the decorations and regroup our homes. As everything goes back into boxes and packed away neatly into the attic until next Holiday season, you may feel as though you want to make a complete change in your home. It can be a little daunting to figure out what style you want to opt for or which pieces of furniture to update. There are a few small changes you can make which will help you therefore decide how drastic you want to go or what style you want to opt for.


New Furniture

Opt for getting some new furniture in a color scheme you adore. Perhaps a new sofa or table in the entryway of your home could pave the way to how you would like the remainder of the room to look. Shop around for fabrics or patterns that really speak to you and seem new and fresh, unlike anything you have had before. Perhaps a new bedroom set is just what the doctor ordered. Check out various styles and shop around before buying the first item you see to avoid disappointment later on.


Paint the Walls

Painting the walls can drastically change the look of any room. When choosing paint, choose something that makes you feel happy when you see it. It can really liven your house up and can help your mood throughout the remainder of the winter months. Choose light, airy colors if you are big on bright light and open spaces, or warm, rich colors if you like a cozier look and feel. Try a two-toned paint job which will give your room more depth or dimension. It can also tie a look together perfectly and provide you with a good idea as far as furniture color options.


New Pillows

Buying new accent pillows is a great way to add a splash of color to any room, and with all the many different fabrics, patterns, colors and adornments within each of them, you can’t go wrong! You can use throw pillows of various sizes, shapes and colors on beds, and while you’re at it – update your couch pillows and guest bedroom pillows for a new look.


Re-Organize and Up-Cycle

If you’d rather not take the time to get anything new, but would like to upcycle things you have or even just re-arrange them in a new fashion that could make all the difference. Moving rooms around can almost make a place feel brand new, as if you just recently moved in. Using old items for something else is also a fun way to be creative and give yourself something fun to do. Use an old clay pot in which you used to have a plant and turn it into a pen holder. Use an old large basket with room for hanging file folders and turn it into a makeshift filing cabinet. Look around online at some DIY sites and you’ll be amazed what you can come up with!


Vine Vera wishes you an easy transition into your New Year style!



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