Vine Vera on Runway Trends for Winter Beauty – Vine Vera Reviews

Models walking down the runwayWinter beauty is one of the things women most look forward to every season. Where better to look for inspiration than the Runways and luxury designer Fashion Shows? So many ideas can be found and inspiration gathered through paying attention to what’s out and trending now. Perhaps you might not like the style of how certain products are being worn, but you will most likely get ideas on the colors of the season, the looks important to the season, and how each product is being worn. High fashion cosmetic application isn’t for everyone as sometimes, it’s a bit extravagant, but it definitely does set the tone for cosmetic companies and makeup artists following in hot pursuit of the trendiest looks.

At Vine Vera, we’ve done some research of our own on the runway beauty trends, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. If you want to know what the hottest looks in makeup application are now, read on.

All Natural Look

More isn’t always better. Going for a fresh, clean look with minimal makeup – or what appears to be minimal makeup – is a great look this winter. Pair a nude or light pink lipstick with some light colored blusher, such as a light pink rose hue, and top it off with some mineral powder or foundation to even out the skin tone and give a glowing look. Try using a coat of mascara and nix the eyeliner for an all-natural look that says, “I woke up like this!”

Bold Eyes and Brows

One of the hottest trends this season is wearing a boldly lined eye – both top and bottom – with bigger brows. One way to obtain this look is to use a bold, chunky eye liner pencil with good smudging capability, a blender or smudge stick or brush, and some brow filling powder. If you aren’t good with filling in the brows by hand, feel free to use eyebrow stencils, which are available nearly everywhere cosmetics are sold.

Dark Lipstick

Dark lips are making a big statement on the runways this season, and many women love the look. From dark, rich berry tones to dark reds and browns, this look is something every woman of every skin tone can appreciate, because it works well for them all. To get the appearance of bigger, fuller lips, you could line the lips just outside of the actual lip line, or even apply the lipstick as you normally would and then dot some gloss onto the center of the bottom lip and around the cupids bow to give your pout a juicy, bigger appearance.

Cat Eye Look

Whether you opt for big, bold cat eyes or a swoopy elongated wing style, cat eyes are all the rage! You can use any color eyeliner you’d like to complete this look, but traditionally, it’s done with a coal black liner. Neon colors are also very in this season, so if you’re feeling bold and are getting ready for a night out, feel free to experiment with more vivid color schemes. As a tip, to get the perfect elongated cat eye, you can use the edge of a spoon against the corner of your eye to create the first line on top and get a solid line, and then repeat the same on the bottom, and fill in the blank space that is left. It’s simple, fast, and easy – and it looks fab on any eye shape or color.


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