Vine Vera Helps You Triumph Over Your Winter Beauty Problems – VineVera Reviews

Young woman outdoors in the snowy winter contemplates skincareThe winter doldrums can have you down in the dumps in psychological terms, but your winter beauty problems can wreak havoc in a whole different way. Stress induced by winter beauty problems doesn’t need to have a place in your life. Vine Vera is here to the rescue with some ideas as to how you can overcome your winter beauty maladies once and for all.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

We can’t stress the importance of moisturizing your skin from head to toe enough. Many skin and beauty problems can be eliminated by proper moisturizing of the skin. Find a good facial and body cream and be sure to use them on a daily basis. Keep a good hand cream handy at all times to combat those bouts of dry skin throughout the day. Having a heater on in your home or office can also cause the skin to dry out, and during these cold months, that’s almost a necessity.


Drink More Water

This correlates with the moisturizing tip, but we feel it must be said. Be sure to drink enough water every day for overall health – 8-12 glasses is typically normal of what one would require to be properly hydrated. This won’t only help your skin, but it will also improve organ function, hair health, and boost your immune system by cleaning your body of toxins.


Pale Skin

When you are faced with the malady of pale winter skin, and you don’t feel as vibrant as you did in the days of summer, there are ways to combat that issue by subscribing to a tanning salon, getting a spray tan, or using a home tanning spray or lotion. You could also intensify your look and give temporary color to your skin by using a bronzing palette and dusting it on with a kabuki brush on your face, chest and neck area to give you a boost of glowing color.


Dry, Brittle Nails

Dry nails can become brittle, cracked, and ridged during the winter months. You can combat this by applying cuticle oil to the nail and cuticle every day, one to two times per day, or using olive oil as a substitute for cuticle oil. Simply rub some into the nail and nail bed. If you need to, get a buffing block and buff the ridges out of your nails gently to restore a smooth, healthy look.


Chapped Lips

Using lip balm isn’t always enough to combat dry, chapped lips. Some people get chapped lips so bad during the winter months that they crack and bleed. Other times, they get flaky and burn. Wind burn and sun burned lips are also possible, even in the winter. There are some things you can do aside from using lip balm on your lips, such as applying a natural oil such as olive oil, vitamin E oil, or cocoa butter to your lips. You could also use facial moisturizer on your lips, as long as it’s a gentle moisturizer. Another home remedy is to apply milk to the lips to offer a cooling sensation, and the proteins in the milk help to soothe the burn. As a last resort, use Vaseline on your lips to give your lips a healthy feel and promote and aid in healing.


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