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Over 40 mature couple on a date

Finding the perfect mate can be tough. Some women need to go many, many failed date attempts with the wrong guys to find someone who is right for them. Some women also set their bars high, while others set their bars low. Depending on what it is you want from a mate, it can be difficult to find ‘the one’ if you don’t really know what to look for, or what you want. Are you just bored? Do you simply want a companion, like a friend? Or are you in the market for something more? These are questions in which you need to ask yourself before beginning the dating endeavor.

Vine Vera understands the frustration within trying to make it to the finish line with your prize and trophy – a guy you can love and adore, and one who thinks the world of you. For those of you who are exasperated and losing hope – don’t! As the saying goes, in this big wide world, there is someone out there for everyone. It takes a bit of looking and work, but all of that effort eventually pays off when you find him. True love happens once in a lifetime, as the saying goes. If you find the one, hang onto him for dear life – and don’t let go.

Here are some effective dating tips for women over 40 who are searching for Mr. Right. He’s out there, ladies. Somewhere…

Tip # 1: Don’t Settle – But Always Get What You Give
No matter what, never settle for less than what you believe you are worth. If you think you deserve a guy who will give you the world on a silver platter – so be it! If that’s what you want, that’s what you should get, plain and simple. However; this part is important, so pay attention ladies – always be willing to dish out the same treatment for him. Always be sure to keep him happy, and give back as much as you give. Those who take, take, take never end up truly happy in the end. Love is about giving and making sacrifices. Be sure to be ready and willing to be that person before you begin dating.

Tip #2: Don’t Appear Desperate
This is a really big one, ladies. Never appear desperate while on a date. It is during these times some men have the keen ability to sense your vulnerability, play on your emotions, and get what it is they want – and this is especially true for those who are only seeking one thing. Don’t lead anyone on, and don’t tell someone you need them if you just met them – for one thing, you will sound crazy, and second, you will be taken advantage of. When that happens you will be left picking up the pieces of your heart as Prince Charming moves on to the next one. Be smart, and choose your words carefully. Don’t appear desperate, whatever you do. Even if you really like him, and even if he’s really handsome. We women have feelings that get easily hurt, so keep that in mind.

Tip #3: Shop Around
Be sure of what you want before you go for it, so you know the kind of guy you need to seek out. Dating sites are gaining in popularity for women over 40, and many websites offer true matchmaking capabilities that ensure you can find someone compatible with you and your needs, and so there will be no ugly surprises. Be sure to choose someone who has the same likes and interests as you. It’s always wise to choose someone within the same age range, so you will have things in common. Always be sure you are compatible early on, and if you aren’t – on to the next one. The quicker you end things, the easier it will be.

Tip 4: Don’t Sleep With Him on the First Date
This kind of goes without saying, and somewhat plays into Tip # 2 with the vulnerability aspect. No matter how handsome, charming, cute, gorgeous, financially stable, or adorable he seems to be – do not make the mistake of sleeping with him on the first date! If you value yourself, your dignity, your self-respect and want to maintain them, show the ability to withstand from participating in this act until you are certain he is the one, or at least plan on being with him for a very long time. Make smart decisions, or wind up getting hurt. It’s ultimately your decision – but it’s a great piece of advice.

Dating over 40 doesn’t have to be boring, either. Be sure to choose fun, upbeat locations to hang out, get to know each other, and to fall in love. Always be honest, and never use words you wouldn’t want used with you. Love will find you in its own time, but if you’re pursing it, we wish you the best of luck as you ring in the New Year!


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