Vine Vera Looks at the Best Over 40 Hair Styles – VineVera Reviews

Women in their 40’s are more in style than ever before. With that being said, it’s no wonder women in their 40’s have some of the best hairstyles out there. People look to celebrity women for inspiration, and feed off of their style to develop a style all their own. If you want to learn about some of the hottest styles for women in their 40’s, read on to get a few ideas Vine Vera sourced from the internet. Maybe you can use one of these for your next haircut!

Short shaggy hairstyle

Short Shag Cut

Short shags offer sex appeal and a sporty edge, which make it great for any occasion. It goes with any outfit, and can be styled differently on a day to day basis. Use products like styling creams as opposed to gels or mousses to give it a softer, more touchable feel and look. This style can accent higher cheekbones, and provide something simple to style every day. This look may not work well for those with curly or coarse hair, however, so this cut should be done with caution.

Layered bob hairstyle for over 40 woman

Layered Bob

Layered bobs are nice because they offer something different in terms of a typical bland bob style. They give you more style to work with, and it gives dimension that just can’t be found in a regular bob. With or without bangs, this is a great and much loved go-to style for those who want something simple and easy to maintain that also provides plenty of style.

Beautiful mature woman

Shoulder Length

Shoulder length hair is always a classic and will never go out of style. This is a fabulous look for a woman in her forties, as it adds an air of youth and playfulness. You can wear it straightened, part it to the side or down the middle, or scrunch it for a different look. It can still be worn in a ponytail, so if you aren’t ready to go too short this might be the best choice for you.

Mature woman with long hair

Long and Straight

A long, straight style is always in – and if you aren’t ready to commit to shorter hair, we get it! This style works. As you age, though, the needs of your hair change. Be sure to use anti-frizz products to keep your mane tame, and a good shampoo and conditioner to keep it sleek and smooth. This style goes with anything we could want to wear and works for any occasion.


Your 40’s are said to be some of the best years of your life. Why not have the best hairstyle for you, and do what you love? Wear your hair the way you love it, and do what makes you happy. Turning 40 doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your hair. You can wear any style you like – with a few age appropriate modifications, you can still look youthful and vibrant no matter what. When in doubt, seek a professional stylist’s opinion and you will be well on your way to fabulous hair in your forties.


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