Show Your Thanks this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving decor with give thanks sign

Placed right in the middle of the holiday season, Thanksgiving is considered to be one of the most favorite celebrations of the year. Thanksgiving is a day that brings loved ones closer to each other and makes them reflect on the reasons why they should be grateful as a family. The more flashy holidays like Christmas and Halloween along with their superb decorations, television coverage and gift exchanges might get more attention, but Thanksgiving is a holiday that is loved and cherished by all. It is mostly famous for its spirit of gratitude, a spirit that people could do with all throughout the year. Showing gratitude doesn’t just make a person nice, it also offers the person with peace of mind and is good for the health as well.

The reason why gratitude is said to be beneficial is that when you feel a sense of joy or gratitude, your body releases a set of feel-good chemicals like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. This often eclipses tryptophan and Turkey Day dinner drowsiness and can also help you bring about long lasting changes in your life.

Vine Vera came across a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of California and the University of Miami which tried to determine the effects of gratitude on a person’s overall well being. Apart from becoming a subject of study, gratitude has always been termed as an indispensable aspect of health and wellbeing by philosophy and religion. However, the fact that science also proves that gratitude can help to bring about better health, increased optimism and more happiness also comes as welcome news for many. Science has also managed to determine that gratitude leads to a greater sense of goal achievement, alertness and enthusiasm. One such study examined adults suffering from neuromuscular diseases and determined that the participants felt more energetic, enjoyed a greater sense of connection and a better quality of sleep by adding gratitude to their everyday lives.

So how does one go about injecting gratitude in their daily lives? Vine Vera tries to offer you with the best ways of injecting more appreciation into your daily lives.

Write it down once a week

Those who maintain a journal and write down their thoughts and feelings once a week can enjoy fewer physical problems and lead a better life compared to those who only maintain journals to write about their problems or neutral events. Maintaining a journal is also said to help one progress towards a better personal and academic well being over a two month period.

Learn how to say thank you

Saying thank you when someone does you a favor or tries to be nice to you can have a major positive impact on your life. According to a study conducted by researchers from the Kent State University, students who wrote one letter a week every other week for a period of six weeks felt much better and happier than students who didn’t. Expressive writing also helped them to enjoy higher grades, suffer from fewer health problems and face lesser depression. So whether it’s your parents, your professors, your uncles or aunts or your friends, be sure to thank people who have been there for you and stood by you. It is bound to make you feel better.

Never compare yourself with other people

There was a study conducted by researchers from the Stanford University which showed that social networking actually led to depression. One of the main reasons why people active on social media were more prone to depression is that they invariably end up comparing themselves to others. These constant comparisons can leave a person feeling more isolated in his or her emotional difficulties and make the person more depressed than he/ she actually is.

So instead of fretting over the perfect meal, just try to focus on the people seated around you on the table for a change. Think about the victories and hurdles that you overcome over the past year and be glad that you have people to share those victories with. Learn how to say thank you and add gratitude into your daily life. In this spirit, no one will remember if the side dish was there or not or whether the turkey was dry. What your loved ones will remember is how you made Thanksgiving really special for them.


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