Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining

Entertaining for the holiday season doesn’t have to be difficult or time constraining in terms of coming up with a game plan. There are lots of things that you can do to create a fun, special time for all of your guests without going overboard. Sometimes, simple is best.

If you are hosting a Holiday event in your home and need a few good ideas as to what you should do, or how to go about it, Vine Vera has got some great tips in which you can implement into your Holiday gathering, for a great experience for both yourself, and all of your guests.

Holiday entertaining - appetizers

Hors D’oeurves

Setting the scene with a simple tray or two of hors d’oeurves is a great way to liven up the party and get people to interact with one another. It will also be a great conversation starter when you set out some great food and people appreciate it, and want to know your recipe.



Having an assortment of seasonal music in a playlist format playing in the background of the room makes for a great party atmosphere. It livens up the mood and gives the overall vibe of the room a more comfortable, season appropriate feel. And after all, every great get together needs some great music to set the mood!

Holiday decor with candles, pinecones, ribbon and sparkling lights in the background


Items such as candles make a fantastic addition to any room or home in which you are hosting a holiday event. They are warm, inviting, and comforting, and they also smell wonderful. Other items which you could include could be season appropriate décor themed for each specific holiday, and you should stick to a specific theme per room.


Party Favors

As is commonplace, giving party favors in fashionable little mesh packages or bags as a token of your appreciation to your guests is a great incentive to those who choose to attend a Holiday gathering. It also gives your guests something to look forward to and savor once the fun is over.



Whether it’s a game of charades or a long game of Monopoly, playing games at Holiday get-togethers is a fun way to keep the guests (adults and children) entertained for a while. Games are fun, and are also known to be ice breakers, which could even introduce you to some interesting conversation and new people.

Holiday table set with beautiful decorative holiday touches

Holiday Meal

Preparing a nice holiday meal is typically the reason for a Holiday gathering, alongside the fellowship and company of family and friends. A Holiday meal is something many people look forward to, and it means a lot to many people. Preparing a couple of menu options so there is something for everyone is a good idea. For instance, you could cook a turkey and also a ham for those who don’t like turkey, or vice versa. Keep in mind the number of guests which will be attending, and be sure to provide enough food for all of your guests. Calling in a catering company could also be a fantastic choice on the Holidays, though availability might be scarce unless you book far enough in advance that a problem won’t arise.


A Great Time for All

By implementing some or even all of these tips and ideas, you will ensure your guests have a wonderful time and you will be able to rest easy knowing you provided a memorable, happy Holiday experience for all.


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