Preparing Your Home for Guests

Group of guests celebrating the holidays


Getting your home ready for the holidays and in top-top shape can be a nightmare for those who don’t really know where to begin. With a little guidance and a clear mind, it really isn’t too difficult to get your home ready to entertain. Vine Vera has a few tips to help you get your home ready to entertain and impress all of your holiday guests from family, to friends, to business associates and beyond.


Sprucing Up

Giving your house a quick once-over cleaning will ensure you have no dust bunnies lurking in the corners of the room, or particles of food or other unwanted items on the floor. One of the most important aspects of entertaining guests is to provide a clean, comfortable environment for them to relax in, and that’s why we chose this as the number one tip to provide you with. Be sure to thoroughly clean the areas where the guests will be spending most of their time, if necessary, by tackling the floors, windows, and mirrors, dust the fixtures in the room, and shine any metallic fixtures with polish. Vacuum if you have carpets, or wash the floor if you have hardwood or tile. You can also stick some dishes of potpourri out which pertain to the season – think cinnamon, bakery scents, or evergreen scents, depending on the month. A warm, clean, inviting home is of the greatest importance.


Choosing Decor

When preparing to entertain guests, choosing proper décor to place within each room is also important. Don’t spend precious time focusing on the rooms that nobody will be in such as bedrooms, unless you have guest bedrooms that guests will be staying in, and be sure to tie all of the décor into the same general theme.  For example, if you are decorating for Thanksgiving, tablescapes are beautiful; opt for leaves, pumpkins, berries, and turkey appliques. Also, choose the same general color scheme room to room. Don’t overdo the decorating, as more isn’t always the best course of action, but provide something visually pleasing to the eye that feels warm and inviting.


Have your Menu Prepared

When you have guests, food should always be at the front and center of your mind. Providing small finger foods and Hors D’oeurves is a great way to get the night started, as well as various wines and exclusive beer products. Perhaps ask those attending if they have any preferences for food or drink, and keep a running list. Try to provide appetizers that are pleasing to everyone. When it comes to the main course, you should have at least two – three options available for those who might not particularly care for a specific item. If you aren’t a top chef, opting for catering is another great option. Be sure to do your research on any catering company you choose to show interest in. You should always have the food and drink ready and available before the big day to avoid last minute stress and running around. Perhaps sending out note cards with the menu will allow feedback and input from those attending your dinner. It’s also commonplace to introduce the menu to guests ahead of time.


Don’t Stress – Or Try Not To

There is usually a lot to do when it comes time for the holiday gatherings to begin taking place. Keeping yourself calm is important, to avoid health problems and prevent disasters from happening. Stress never helps anything, and preventing it from occurring as best as you ensures everyone involved will have a great time. This should be a fun time for all – you being no exception. Make the most of the gathering by spending time conversing, laughing, and smiling – after all, you really do deserve it.


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