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There is no denying the fact that your skin is the mirror of your health. There are all sorts of things like genetics, stress, pollution, hormonal changes, medication effects and exposure to the sun that can affect your skin’s appearance. But, did you know that your diet can also lead to changes in your skin? Dieticians around the world believe that a healthy diet can help you enjoy a clear, glowing and healthy looking skin. They also believe that a poor diet can lead to all sorts of issues such as dry skin, acne, rashes and swelling. Your skin is definitely unique and there are many products that might not suit you, irrespective of whether or not they help out others. However, there are a few “skin sins” that you should definitely avoid, irrespective of the type of skin you have. These “sins” can alleviate your skin issues and also lead to all sorts of health problems. Vine Vera reviews the top skin sins in this article.

Skin Sin # 1 – Fried Food

Fried food contains a lot of fat which can impact the skin negatively. Research has already shown that fatty  food and fried food can increase the amount of irritants that build up underneath the hair follicles and oil glands of the skin. This triggers common skin issues like acne. On the other hand, a diet that is rich in things like whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help you get rid of these irritants, thereby reducing your skin issues. 

Skin Sin # 2 – Lack of Exercise

A proper exercise routine is good for your health and your skin. It offers you with a burst of endorphins that makes you feel good as well. Regular exercise promotes the circulation of nutrients and oxygen in the skin and it also helps you to get rid of waste products. This further slows down the aging process and makes skin healing faster. 

Skin Sin # 3 – Dehydration

Our hectic modern day schedules are the main culprits behind dehydration. We are always running from one place to the other and are always falling back on our deadlines. As a result, things like drinking water and preventing dehydration seem to be too trivial. Another issue that is responsible for dehydration is excessive consumption of alcohol. When we consume alcohol, it not only rids our body of water, it also leads to a loss of vitamins. One of the vitamins that gets lost because of dehydration is Vitamin A. As you already know, Vitamin A is responsible for maintaining hydration and repairing the skin structure. Thus, preventing dehydration and staying hydrated can ensure that you look younger and brighter. It is also important to regulate the intake of liquids. Try to add more natural items like water, herbal teas, etc. and reduce the intake of things like sodas, alcohol and coffee. If you want something better than water, simply add limes, lemons or mint to keep things interesting.

Skin Sin # 4 – Refined Sugar

Glycemic Index refers to a rating which shows the rate at which sugar is being released. A number of things like biscuits and fizzy drinks have a higher GI index, which causes the sugar level of your blood to spike. This leads to skin issues like inflammation and it also produces a group of enzymes which break down the skin collagen. The best solution is to try and avoid food items that are high in refined sugar and substitute them with things like honey instead. You could also include fruits like cherries, pineapples and mangoes in your diet to satiate your sugar cravings.

Skin Sin # 5 – Excess Salt

The human body consists of 50 – 75% of water and it needs a decent amount of salt in order to retain the water. However, when one consumes excessive amounts of salt, the body ends up retaining more water than it should. This leads to issues like swelling and puffiness in the skin. The ideal solution is to avoid eating food items that are high in salt. Another option is to substitute the table salt with natural sea salts.  The amount of sodium in both options might be the same, but sea salts also offer you with minerals that can promote healthy growth and development.


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