Redness Relief

RosaceaRed skin can present itself in different ways, and could be attributed to many things. For women who struggle with reddened skin who haven’t previously been afflicted with this unfortunate condition, it can be stressful to understand the reasons as to how and why this is happening. There are various reasons as to what can cause skin to take on a reddish hue, and today Vine Vera will be exploring a few of these reasons, as well as what can be done to alleviate the problem and restore normal coloration to your skin, if not correct it completely.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, otherwise known as Hypertension, occurs for various reasons. Some ongoing disorders may cause high blood pressure, such as thyroid or kidney disease. Other times, the cause is stress related. If you have an intense line of work where you are under a lot of pressure, or a stressful family and home life, your likelihood of developing high blood pressure is increased. When no cause is determined, this is known as essential hypertension. High blood pressure normally has many symptoms, or it may not exhibit itself at all through any symptom. Reddening of the facial skin is a common sign of high blood pressure, and will need to be treated by a medical doctor. Once you regain control over your blood pressure, either through means of medication, diet and exercise, or all three, chances are your reddened skin will return to its normal state.

Rosacea and Psoriasis

Rosacea and Psoriasis are conditions which affect the skin. Rosacea generally affects the T-Zone of the face, which is the nose/cheek regionm and it presents itself in the shape of a T. This is generally treated with medications from dermatologists, or by use of good cosmetics. Unfortunately for some, rosacea is something some women must live with because the treatment options aren’t for everyone. As with every medication, there are side effects. Your doctor can help you understand the best course of action with treating your Rosacea.

If medication fails, this is easy to cover up with a color correcting facial stick, which can be found in many cosmetic lines. These color correcting sticks combine green hues with skin tone hues to correct the apparent discoloration for the duration you are wearing it. It hides redness in any area, and isn’t noticeable under foundation of any kind. This is a great option for women who don’t want to go the medication route.

As far as Psoriasis is concerned, there are various forms. From Pustular Psoriasis, to plaque psoriasis, and beyond, the location and intensity in which psoriasis can afflict the skin varies from person to person. Psoriasis is categorized by its red appearance, as well as itchy patches and flaky skin. With that being said, seeing a dermatologist is your best bet as they can provide the appropriate course of action and treatment plan for each individual suffering with this disease. As Psoriasis is categorized as an auto immune disorder, it must be treated from within, while also treating topically with various serums, gels, and creams. The good news is, Psoriasis flare ups typically are not ongoing, and so at some point you will see some relief. Until then, following the treatment plan outlined by your dermatologist and using good cosmetics should be able to help you mask the problem for a while.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause skin to appear red and irritated. The best way to treat dry skin is with a good moisturizer. Being cautious of the face washes and cosmetics you use on your face is also a good idea. Don’t use anything acidic on dry skin; rather, infuse the skin with as much moisture as possible. Look for moisturizing face washes, and couple that with moisture infusing facial cream at night. Incorporating more water into your day, at least 8-10 glasses worth, can help with dry skin dramatically. A lot of women tend to suffer from dry skin in the winter months when the air becomes dryer and the heaters are turned on in their homes. Using a humidifier may also help your skin regain some of the moisture it has lost. When the skin is no longer red and irritated, it will be able to revert to its normal state, looking as gorgeous and beautiful as ever.

Have Hope

While these are only a mere few of the causes of redness, Vine Vera hopes that you will gain some hope from the treatable conditions listed and know that these things can be fixed, for the most part. Makeup can work wonders for red skin, so experiment with different cosmetic products intended for red and sensitive skin, and hopefully you will find a solution that works for you.


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