Should I Have This Mole Removed? – Vine Vera Review

Doctor looking at a mole on patients back

Moles are usually associated with melanoma, considered to be one of the deadliest forms of cancer. In fact, almost half of all melanomas arise in these moles. Many people wonder whether or not they should have their moles removed from their skin. However, it is not possible to remove all the moles that exist in the human body. Vine Vera suggests that you should consider the following factors before removing any mole from the body:

  • You feel that the mole looks really unattractive.
  • The mole is located in a place where it gets irritated by clothing.
  • The mole is located in an area of trauma.
  • Your physician feels that the mole looks unusual or suspicious.
  • The mole has changed frequently over time. This change might be in the form of persistent itching, shape, color, size, bleeding or ulceration. Moreover, if the first mole appears on your body after you’ve crossed the age of 20, you should always get it checked.

Common Warning Signs

Here are a few common warning signs with regards to moles. As the melanoma develops in the body, the changes in these moles can be recognized easily. Thus, it is essential to detect the mole in its early stage so as to cure it by basic excisions. The main warning signs of dangerous moles are –

  • When the mole is divided in half, the two sides do not match.
  • The mole goes through a change in terms of shape, color or size.
  • The border of the mole is blurred, irregular or ragged.
  • The diameter of the mole is more than 1/4th
  • The color of the mole has different colors and/ or shades.

People Who Face a Higher Risk of Developing Melanoma

There are a few people who have a higher risk of developing melanoma when compared to others.

  • There are numerous moles located all over the body (more than 70 – 100)
  • The mole tans instead of burning when exposed to the sun.
  • There is a family history of melanoma.
  • There is a family history of dysplastic or atypical moles.

Remember, most moles are harmless. They might be unattractive or irritating, but they are usually not known to be dangerous. If you suspect changes in your moles, visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist can easily decide whether or not a mole is dangerous for you. If you feel like removing a mole, the process is quite simple and painless as well. Most adults have benign moles and it is very rare for these moles to transform into melanoma. The best way to decide on when to remove your moles is to base it on its appearance, its size and the fact that it has changed.

Removal of a mole is usually done under a local anesthetic and it only takes a couple of minutes. The mole is removed on a piece of skin which is usually the shape of the eye, so that the skin can be stitched closed. Thus, excisions of a mole which is 7mm in size would most likely leave behind a scar of 2mm. However, if melanoma has been detected in the mole, the excision would be much wider.


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