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Makeup Looks CollageHave you ever looked at a woman and instantly made up a decision about her character based on the look she portrays? Have you made judgments about someone based on her makeup and her looks? Yes, you have. And so has everyone else. So, what might come across as great in your eyes, might be accorded an extremely different vibe the moment you walk into the room. You need to understand that your makeup sends out certain signals and you might want to alter your looks in order to ensure that you send out the right signals.

Research conducted on the animal perception of faces has found that animals frequently alter their visual features in order to attract others, protect themselves or intimidate others. Humans are famous for their real time engagements and manipulations of visual signals so that they can use these signals as highly effective tools of communication. Vine Vera found a study that was published in the Plos One Journal in the year 2011 which talks about two different tests so as to understand the signals that the makeup sends. These studies asked viewers to rate a female face with makeup and without makeup, with the amount of makeup being varied from minimal to moderate to dramatic. Each look was created to provide an increased luminescence contrast between the surrounding skin an the facial features. Furthermore, the female face was shown for an unlimited time or for 250ms. All viewers were asked to rate the female face for attractiveness, trustworthiness, competence and likeability. The tests showed that at the 250ms mark, makeup had endless positive effects to offer. However, when unlimited inspection time was offered, the effect of cosmetics managed to give out contrasting signals for different people. The results of this study show that makeup and beauty has a significant effect on judging the level of likeability or competence of a person.

But, what does your makeup truly say about you? Vine Vera has rounded up some of the most common makeup looks and the perceptions that they are likely to generate.


The “Au Naturel” Look

If you’re a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but not when it comes to skin care, your skin is likely to glow and look healthy the moment you accentuate the lid with colors that range from white to apricot. Line your lashes with light brown shadows and make sure that you use very little mascara. Beautify your lips with nude shades. Sporting this look is likely to imply that you’re happy on the outside as well as the inside and that you have a gentle nature.


The Classic Beauty

You look goldish and use earth tones to accentuate the crease of your eyes. You blend this with coffee or tawny lip colors that give you that perfect “open” appearance. Use a thin liner and a modest amount of mascara to complete the look. This look is likely to portray you as a determined individual who is full of inner confidence. It is also likely to make you likeable and trustworthy.


The Trendy Look

You line your top and bottom eyelashes with cotton candy pink and light violet. You accentuate your creases with a midtone cocoa and line it with sable. You use a raspberry liner to color your lips. Pulling off this trendy look exemplifies your personality and makes you look vibrant and trendy. It gives you that “dare me” factor which simply makes you come across as charming and mysterious.


The Dreamer Look

You love wearing flowing skirts and complimenting them with ruffles. You sport a bohemian look that gives the message that you always have a story to tell. Your looks are truly based on your perfectly sculpted cheeks which have been bathed in soft spice colors. Your eyes offer the perfect blend of browns and light coppers and your lips sport a peach gloss lipstick.


The Bright Eyed Look

You really cannot stop smiling and are the go-to girl for anyone with a problem. Your look is all about shine and shimmer. Your eyes are a blend of dessert hues with very little accent shades. Your cheeks have been flushed with matte desert tones and you sport a gingerbread lipstick on your lips.


The Mysterious Look

You sport a bold look and you’re all about adventure. You love taking risks and are fun to talk to. Your look shines like a jewel from top to bottom. You use onyx shadow lines to define your eyes at the creases and the lash lines. You use navy and gold to give your face a degree of intensity. You use a berry liner to set your lips in their place.



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2 responses to “Vine Vera Examines What Signals Your Makeup is Sending – VineVera Reviews

  1. I’m concerned about the the testing on animals with this product and can’t seem to find information on it! Why? When it is such an appropriate subject?

    • Hello Lori Grna,
      Thank you for your comment. Vine Vera does not do testing on animals. All of our products are labelled as not being tested on animals. If you have any other questions or would like further information please feel free to contact us at 877-554-1777.
      Thank you, Vine Vera

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