Vine Vera Brings You Five Lipstick Shades to Try – VineVera Reviews

Various colors of dripping lipstick shadesFall is here, and it’s time to delve into the wonderful, colorful world of autumn colors and looks. This year, there are some incredible color schemes to choose from in terms of clothes and makeup. Vine Vera is here to provide you with some tips on choosing the coolest shades (no pun intended!) for fall 2014.

#1: Nudes

Nude lips are a forever classic, and can work with any skin tone. While the color isn’t vibrant and flashy, nude colors are exceptionally versatile and go with any outfit. The look is clean and classy, and can work for any time of day or night. Nude shades offer a subtle look while dressing up your lips for work, or even for a night out with friends. There are various nude shades to fit any skin tone, and they vary in depth to give you the perfect look you are going for.

#2: Rich Reds

Rich, vibrant red lipsticks come in various shades, and are absolutely perfect for fall. From subtle candy apple reds, to rich, deep merlot tones, there are many color shades to choose from. Our pick this fall is cherry red because we love the vibrancy and brightness of this gorgeous hue.

#3: Peachy Hues

While peach shades aren’t typically thought to be associated with fall, a dark apricot color is a fantastic variation to wean out of the summer months’ colors and to move forward into fall. If you aren’t quite ready for fall just yet, and are longing for the summer days with peaches and pinks, try a dark peach hue on for size.

#4: Berry tones

Like peach, berry tones aren’t normally thought about when it comes to fall color schemes. This year, Fall Fashion Week rocked the berry tones in a big way, and that’s why we give you the go-ahead to indulge in a sweet and flirty berry tone for all of your fall fashions. There are color variations from light mauve shades to more rich and lustrous tones like dusty pink rose and everything in between. We love them all! Give some different berry shades a try, and find your favorite.

#5: Brown Hues

Last but not least, we have just got to add brown and tan tones on this list! What would fall be without a rich brown lip shade? From cocoa to brown sugar to brownish-pink hues, one thing’s for sure – brown is a clever, quick addition to any fall outfit and can tie your entire outfit together in a snap.

Let Vine Vera know more about your favorite lipstick shades using the comment’s box below.


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