Vine Vera on Does Happiness Lead to Better Skin

Happy young woman with beautiful skinSkin disorders are a major physical hindrance, but they can also lead to huge psychological impacts in a person as well. One of the biggest issues that people with skin issues face is the public perception about them. This leads to all sorts of mental issues – right from stress and shame to depression and suicidal instincts. It has become extremely important to popularize knowledge based psychology on television shows. There are so many shows that are not backed by proper knowledge, and this can be a dangerous thing. It makes sense to say things that are research based as it helps to slowly impact public perception, particularly when it comes to the skin and its issues.

There is no secret in the fact that contemporary culture emphasizes on a flawless appearance. It also ruins the lives of so many who fail to live up to the glossy magazine standards. Psychologists have always studied the psychological effects of issues like vitiligo, psoriasis and eczema. Vine Vera believes that one of the best examples of such a study was published in the British Journal of Medical Psychology. This study was conducted by Linda Papadopoulos, a clinical counselling psychologist at the London Guildhall University.

Linda mentioned that skin diseases are among the most minimized conditions in the body. As a result, it doesn’t get the right kind of attention from the medical industry, which is mostly concerned about the quantity of life, not about the quality of life. In fact, very few general practitioners are trained in dermatology. Thus, people with skin issues normally don’t get recommended for treatments because these issues are not seen to be serious.

But, what most people fail to understand is that although skin issues might not be a major problem physically, they are an immense mental issue. These problems can lead to issues like withdrawal, depression and suicidal symptoms. To further her studies, Linda is now involved in a study which tries to determine whether people commit suicide as a result of acne or as a result of the skin becoming better. She feels that acne is an ideal way of covering up one’s problems; but once the acne goes away, there is nothing left for the person to blame.

Another issue that usually crops up is that since skin disease is immediately visible, it leaves you susceptible to public perception. As a result, it can have a huge psychological impact on the person. The fact that very little attention is paid to the issue simply makes things worse.

Dr. Nick Lowe, the director of the Cranley Clinic, London, England; feels that stress is not the root cause of chronic acne, but it is definitely the trigger factor. He mentioned that emotional issues are not just responsible for making skin conditions worse, they are also responsible for preventing therapies from being effective. Thus, if a person’s skin issue is 50% because of hereditary factors and 30% because of lifestyle issues, the remaining 20% is more or less because of psychological factors. Tackling this psychological side might just help people to enjoy beautiful looking skin once more. A British study also confirmed that unless the emotions of people suffering from skin issues are entwined with the condition, therapies are pointless.

So the ultimate question that people need to ask is whether their skin problems are linked to their emotional well being or not!


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