Vine Vera on Removing Facial Hair for Menopausal Women

Menopausal woman after hair removalWhen menopause comes knocking at a woman’s door, it’s usually met with the pre-disposition that everything it brings has to be completely unpleasant. For the most part, it’s true. However; there are many things women can do to feel normal again – hair removal being one of them.

When a woman hits menopause, there are various changes that take place within her body. The lack of normal hormonal balance can cause myriad symptoms to take place, and unwanted facial and body hair to begin sprouting where there was never a single hair before. This unwanted growth of hair is medically known as hypertrichosis.

Luckily, in today’s world, we are privilege to various treatments which many women in past times were not. These options can give temporary or permanent relief to a woman suffering the embarrassment of unwanted facial hair.


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Various hormonal therapies provide somewhat of a balance for the body which can alleviate the growth of unwanted facial and body hair in women. This process usually takes a while to begin circulating throughout your body, but it’s not a quick fix or even a guarantee. While the hormonal replacement therapies provide you with the hormones you will need to balance things that are out of whack, they will likely not do anything in terms of facial hair dissipating. This is not the best or most recommended method. Once the hair is there, there is a need for other options. Luckily, there are many.



If you don’t mind a little pain, waxing is a surefire way to rid yourself of unwanted facial hair. It is usually over within a minute, and the pain can be treated with numbing creams or even milk from your refrigerator, if you would rather. Waxing completely removes the hair from the facial area, and can be done in the privacy of your own home as long as you have a microwave to heat the wax, or in a salon with an experienced skincare specialist.


Plucking or Tweezing

If you only have a few stray hairs that are bothering you, plucking them with a pair of tweezers is generally commonplace and virtually painless. You can do this in the privacy of your own bathroom, and nobody has to know. Many women choose this option if their hair growth hasn’t gotten out of control. Doing this in conjunction with hormone replacement therapy may tend to work better when coupled together.


Depilatory Hair Removal

There are some great quality depilatory creams, gels, and lotions on the market which can provide a week or two’s worth of peace from unwanted facial and body hair. You simply apply the cream, wait the allotted time designated on the instruction sheet, and wipe the hair away. It’s painless and simple, and can be done at home.


Laser Hair Removal

Last but certainly not least, laser hair removal is one of the best ways to permanently relieve yourself of any unwanted body hair. While costly, these procedures are a favorite among women who no longer want to deal with the hassle of waxing, plucking, or using gels or creams. This method tends to be a permanent solution to an embarrassing problem – and this is something most women will spend any amount of money on to look their best, and feel sexy and vibrant again.


Dealing with unwanted body hair doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. Finding the solution that works best for you is done through research, education, and even trial and error. What are your favorite hair removal tricks? List some below. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!


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