Vine Vera on Autumn Hair Colors – VineVera Reviews

Young woman with autumn leaves and dark hair colorChoosing a new hair color for autumn is always a fun, exciting experience. As it would seem, throughout the year, changing your hair color to accommodate the season only makes sense. As the seasons change, so do the many seasons of our hair. During the summer months, most women love to highlight or lighten their hair and go for a beach wave look. During the winter, most seem to go a bit darker. Spring is sort of in between that dark and light phase, so it’s great to meet somewhere in the middle. As for autumn hair, going back towards a darker color is generally the rule of thumb. Autumn is the time to break out the fun fall accessories, and all of the fantastic gear that goes along with it, like hats, scarves, boots and more. When it comes time to create a new ‘do, opting for any of the below colors is a surefire way to look your absolute best this autumn.

Golden Brown

When coming off of the lightened summer tresses, it’s a good idea to go gradual. Opting for a golden brown look if you had lightened blonde or dark blonde hair doesn’t cause too much of a shock to the system, and will look great without being over the top.

Light Brown

Light brown can be pulled off by virtually any woman, no matter her skin color. It’s very versatile, and subtle.

Chestnut Brown

For those of you who are willing to go all the way brown, a nice chestnut brown offers a warm effect with some subtle golden hues. It’s a gorgeous color and able to be pulled off by almost anyone.

Reddish Brown

Reddish brown colors are perfect for fall. Not everyone can pull this off, though, so be sure to get sound advice from your favorite hairstylist before making the change.


Yet another color in the red spectrum, burgundy is a gorgeous, full bodied color that provides overall coverage, and invites a warm, yet autumn-like, feeling. This color is great to wear all throughout the autumn and winter months.

Au Natural

If you’re not feeling the hair dying trend this fall – no worries! Going au natural is a fantastic option. Ensuring you have shiny, luxurious and soft hair will allow it to look its best as well. Why not opt for a hair straightener to give you the luxury look you desire and the shine that is incomparable to other brands? Whatever option you go for, be sure it’s a color you will want to stick with for at least a little while as to not over process your hair with another color. Also, make sure it’s a good color match and comparable with your skin and eyes. When in doubt, the internet is a great tool and there are many hair color samples available to view on different skin types. Also, asking your stylist for their expert opinion is usually a great idea – they wouldn’t steer you wrong!


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