Vine Vera on Plastic Surgery

The popularity of plastic surgery has exploded in the recent past. One of the main reasons behind this increase is the image created by countless celebrities around the world who go under the knife to transform the way they look. Stories of tummy tucks, face lifts, anti-aging procedures, and lip enhancement procedures are all too common nowadays. With more than 14 million plastic surgeries being performed in the US alone, you can only imagine the kind of popularity these procedures enjoy. Surprisingly, the number of cases where patients haven’t been satisfied with the results have gone up as well. This is mostly not because of a fault on the part of the surgeon, but because of the fact that people mostly get plastic surgery because they wish to look like the celebrities who inspired them to get the surgery done in the first place.Body with marking showing plastic surgery plans

Quick facts

Before discussing the pros and cons of plastic surgeries, we thought it would make more sense to show you some of the facts about plastic surgeries.

  • About 15.1 million people underwent the knife in the year 2013, leading to a 3% increase in the number of plastic surgeries.
  • Face-lifts, neck lifts and eye lift surgeries saw the biggest rise (6% each) in terms of the number of people getting these procedures done in the year 2013.
  • The number of Male breast reduction procedures saw a whopping increase of 11% in the year 2013.
  • Among the cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures, soft tissue fillers saw the most increase in terms of popularity, signalling a 13% increase from the year 2012.
  • $12.6 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures in the year 2013 in the US.
  • Hispanics underwent the maximum number of cosmetic procedures (1.7 million people) and they were closely followed by African Americans (1.2 million people).
  • Repeat patient business increased by 4% in the year 2013.
  • Facial rejuvenation procedures saw the most growth in the year 2013.
  • The highest number of botulinum toxin type A injections were used in 2013. (6.3 million injections in a single year).
  • A total of 4.4 million tumor removal procedures were performed in the year 2013.

These figures might be a major source of happiness for anyone associated with the plastic surgery industry, but not so much for people who get them done. After all, the most common reason why people get plastic surgeries done is because they are not happy with their body image.

Advantages of plastic surgeries

You might think of plastic surgeries as the devil, but they do have their own advantages. After all, 15 million people are not fools to try out these procedures!

  • Improving the Appearance One of the main advantages offered by plastic surgeries is that they can help a person to boost his/ her appearance. Many people, irrespective of their race, geographic location or sex, feel that something is wrong with their nose, eyes, lips, breasts or some other part of their body. If these body parts can be made to look better through cosmetic surgeries, they can go a long way in helping people fall in love with their body image all over again.
  • Correcting Physical Issues – There are a number of plastic surgeries that are actually performed to help improve physical problems. One of the most common examples of such procedures is the breast reduction procedure. This procedure helps a woman to balance out her proportions and also allows her to reduce her back pain. Furthermore, many surgeries also help to restore the function of different body parts. This is particularly common among car accident patients.
  • Building Confidence – A person can regain his/ her confidence with the help of a plastic surgery. If a person feels that a particular aspect of the body is holding him/ her back in life, the confidence gradually goes down and ends up with depression. By altering the physical appearance, the person can restore his/ her confidence levels and have a fresh go at life.
  • Improve Relationships – The newly found confidence can also help to build social skills, which in turn helps to make new friends and forge strong relationships. For example, a person undergoing plastic surgery might not feel shy to approach strangers any longer. This makes it easier to break the ice and also prevents one from feeling insecure.
  • Convenient – Plastic surgeries can prove to be extremely convenient, provided one earns enough to afford them. They are particularly useful when it comes to things like reducing excessive fat from the arms or legs. It also offers a quicker way of getting rid of extra fat without having to commit to rigorous dieting or exercise regimes.
  • More Psychological Satisfaction – The physical appearance fails to live up to the mental image for a number of people around the world. The nose could be a bit too big, the chin could seem to be a bit weak, the lips might feel too thin or the breasts might not appear to have the right size. This can have a major bearing one a person’s psyche. If people manage to undergo a successful procedure, they should be able to derive a lot of psychological satisfaction and completely transform the way they approach life.
  • Improves the Health – A number of people get plastic surgeries done for health benefits. As weird as this might sound, it is actually true in some cases. For example, if a person gets a skin graft done after suffering a major burn, his/ her healthy will automatically improve after the procedure.Face with markings showing plans for plastic surgery

Disadvantages of plastic surgeries

We have put in a lot of effort in trying to offer you with the clear-cut picture of what you can expect from plastic surgeries. Our discussions might make you believe that these procedures are the best way out. Truth be told, they are anything but so. Here are some of the main disadvantages of plastic surgeries.

  • Confidence – Building your confidence might be one of the main reasons why you might be thinking of getting a plastic surgery done in the first place. But, if these surgeries don’t offer you with the results that you initially expected, your already low self esteem could get completely shattered. The outcomes might be exactly as described by the surgeon, but you still might not be satisfied with the results. This shatters your confidence completely and throws you into serious depression.
  • Painful – Most plastic surgeries are extremely painful processes. They are invasive in nature and also involve a lot of pain medications. Furthermore, the recovery period also varies from one procedure to the other. Some might just require a few days, but some might also need up to 6 months. Similarly, depending on the type of procedure that you choose, the level of pain can vary from slight to intense to extreme.
  • Risky – There are a number of risks associated with most plastic surgeries. There’s the risk of error, risk of infection or the risk of adverse reactions to certain medications. There are a number of processes that go terribly wrong as well. This causes permanent damage.
  • High Maintenance – Most plastic surgeries involve a lot more than the procedures themselves. You need to visit the physical for several sessions or “maintenance surgeries” every once in a while. This requires time, money and patience.
  • Scarring – One of the major problems of procedures like tummy tucks is that they leave scars behind. There are times when these scars are discreet, but scarring is inevitable for such procedures.
  • Cost – Finally, plastic surgeries require a huge financial involvement. Minor procedures such as Botox and Microdermabrasions start from the $4000 mark and keep going up as the procedures become more complicated. To make things worse, medical insurance doesn’t cover plastic surgeries. Moreover, it’s not just about the procedure. You also need to invest in medications, maintenance procedures, etc.

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