Caring for Dark Skin by Vine Vera

Beautiful woman with dark skinBefore you learn how to take care of your dark skin, make sure that you never listen to stereotypes such as “dark skin is always oily”. Most people end up assuming that anyone with dark colored skin has oily skin because of the extra melanin content in the skin. There is very little truth in these stereotypes except for the one which says that dark skin can be extremely sensitive. The melanin content brings about its sensitivity and using the wrong products on the skin can lead to immediate reactions that can take a long time to disappear. So make sure that you follow Vine Vera‘s basic skin care tips and learn how to take care of your dark skin.

What hurts dark skin the most?
Hard water is one of the biggest enemies of people with dark skin. To make sure that you don’t end up dehydrating yourself, use soap free cleansers and ditch those hard soaps. Getting a water softener installed or rinsing yourself with thermal water can work wonders as well. Another problem with dark skin is excessive exfoliation. People with dark skin love scrubbing their face and their body and this can sometimes prove to be quite harmful for the skin.

Choosing a cleanser
Make sure that you choose the right cleanser as they play a very important role in your skin care routine. Apart from removing impurities and dirt, these cleansers can also play a major role when it comes to making your skin look radiant. The best way to ensure that the cleanser suits your skin is to choose one that has natural ingredients and is pH balanced. Look for ingredients such as green tea, cucumbers, chamomile extracts or avocado in your cleansers.

Moisturize your skin religiously
Dark colored skin can lose its moisture content very quickly and end up appearing ashy. This is why moisturizing is so important. You should ideally be using a lubricating moisturizer that contains humectants, because humectants are known to attract moisture and ensure that the skin stays soft and supple.

Dealing with hyperpigmentation and exfoliation
Your dead skin cells are full of melanin. A build up of melanin in one spot is a form of skin pigmentation called hyperpigmentation. In order to avoid hyperpigmentation, you need to make sure that you exfoliate once every week to prevent your complexion from becoming dull. However, make sure that you use non-abrasive exfoliators because dark colored skin is very sensitive. Don’t end up over-exfoliating either. Ideally, exfoliating your skin once every week is more than enough. Dealing with hyperpigmentation is also important. The best solution is to apply an absorbent and purifying mask once every week. Follow this with a serum to help get rid of your dead skin cells completely.

Taking care of skin aging
Luckily, people with darker skin don’t have to worry too much about the signs of aging. However, this doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore the issue. There are some issues that can cause hollowness in your cheeks or lead to an uneven skin tone. The best way to deal with anti-aging is to protect your skin from getting damaged from the UV rays of the sun. The ideal way of doing that is to apply a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every single day.


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