Vine Vera Offers Ideas on Things to do for National Just Because Day

Because written in the sand at the beachIf you feel like your life has turned into a routine – go to work, come back, help the kids with homework, cook, finish paperwork for tomorrow – then you most likely need a short break to just do anything you want to. This is exactly what National Just Because Day was made for. Although the origins of the holiday are not clear, there many people believe that it started in the 50’s as a family holiday and later on in 2005 it turned into what it represents today.  This fun day is your chance to do something funny or unexpected either for yourself or your family and friends. Take your chance to cut loose on August 27 each year.

Just Because

Most people find it difficult to think of what they can do on a day like this as we are all wired to act in a logical way. We are not even aware of how restricted we become as we grow up. To have a day like the National Just Because Day means to be a child again, to do things on first impulse without feeling ashamed or being laughed at. You can choose whether to sing in the shower or send a box of chocolates to your favorite school teacher. It is all about creativity and fun. Here are some ideas you may find useful on some crazy little things to do :

  • Phone a friend you have not seen in a while and invite her/him for a cup of coffee or a pizza. You can also buy your friend a gift and hide it in her or his pocket as a surprise.
  • If you have always wanted to dye your hair or or change your look, now is the moment to try that.
  • Turn the whole day into a special day dedicated to beauty and spend it in a spa center or make yourself a home spa experience.
  • Make a big chocolate cake, then hide it somewhere for your mom to find it when she comes home.
  • Buy a paper kite and fly it with kids from your neighborhood. You know they will love it and you can enjoy being childish for one day.
  • If you are in a relationship or married you can go out and have dinner at your favorite restaurant or prepare food, pack it and go on a picnic.
  • You can turn the National Just Because Day into a day when you can do good things for complete strangers. Help elderly people cross the street or do their shopping, take your new neighbor out for lunch or kiss someone – just because!
  • Pick nice cards and write what you like best about each of your co-workers. See them smile and enjoy the day with them.
  • Build a tent fort, this is certainly something you have not done in a long time. After your fort is complete, organize a pillow fight with your kids or friends.

Life is short, so enjoy this unique day to the fullest. Make this National Just Because Day the day of your life.


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