Vine Vera Style Files: Trendy Animal Print

Once a sign of high standard and glamour among the rich, animal print clothes and accessories are nowadays more popular than ever among people of all ages.  The reason for this is mainly in the fact that we love the beautiful animal patterns that when printed on various materials bring us closer to exotic, sunny countries and add some luxury to our everyday look. Although it is easy to find almost all kinds of clothes in animal print, one should always take care not to overdo the style so wearing only one printed item is enough for you to look trendy.Mollie King in a Roberto Cavalli animal print gown

Printed clothes and shoes can be found as part of famous brands lines such as Prada or Cavalli, but also in ordinary shops all over the world. The trendy print includes various animal skin patterns so you can find leopard print, zebra, tiger, giraffe and even cows on your favorite clothes. The variety of products is amazing from T-shirts, trousers and jackets to sneakers, baseball caps, heels and beautiful animal print accessories, watches, bags, scarves and belts. You should consider investing in a few nice pieces that can be worn in all seasons.

The reason so many people turn to this trend is that it suits all ages and personal styles. Even adding one small detail in animal print is a guarantee that you will be noticed for your superb daily outfit or sophisticated look. In this article we offer 6 tips for wearing animal print for a trendy style. When wearing print pay attention to match them so if you wear leopard scarf for instance, match it with the same shoes. Choose colors that go with the prints, white and black being the best choice. Wear one piece that is printed and another in neutral color especially if you are not a teenager. Younger people mix this trendy style in all possible ways but if you are middle aged then you should keep in mind that less is more in this case.Runway model with a snake skin clutch

  • If your T-shirt or top is an animal print then match it with plain beige or black jeans, pants or skirts. You can wear white or black shoes with this outfit.
  • Leopard, zebra or tiger print dresses should be matched with shoes in color that blends with the print. To tone down your wild look wear a black or beige jacket.
  • Wear animal print accessories with any color but make sure the details with the print are minimal. This means matching a leopard print bag with the same scarf and bracelets while wearing for example, a black dress.
  • Whenever you are in doubt about whether wearing animal print will make you look trendy or not you can go with one piece such as a printed bag, shirt or shoes only.
  • The latest fashion trends suggest mixing animal print with other prints which when done properly looks great. Mix leopard print with another print in the same color shade of the animal print and do not wear any accessories. Be unique and wear a polka dot skirt with brown animal printed top.
  • Find a shirt, shoes or skirts in your favorite color and wear them with only one animal print item The more vibrant the color the trendier the look.

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