Vine Vera Style Files: Military Fashion is Back

Model Cara Delevigne arrives at a party in a military style coatThere is good news for all of you who love to mix different fashion styles and to always look unique – military style is back! Fashion is all about new trends and retro trends that can be mixed to make outstanding outfits for all generations. Ever since the military look first appeared on the fashion scene it has been popular for its color shades such as khaki, beige, olive green, grey and light or dark brown and for its comfortable designs and materials. The colors can easily be combined with elegant black, white or yellow and what is more important you can make your own individual combinations. There are endless ideas of what clothing items one can wear to get the newest military look – jackets and boots, shirts, pants, skirts and accessories. When you follow this trend keep in mind not to overdo with too many military details as you do not want to look like Rambo.  Many famous singers used to wear army style jackets that were part of their personal image. Instead of just copying them, try to achieve your own style and in doing so, always start with details. Once you learn how to wear the military clothes, you can make brave combinations. If you are not sure how to get the look you can wear only a few combat details like bags, belts, watches, scarves, sneakers or even hair clips. The great thing about this trend is that pretty much anyone can pull it off – young, mature, girls, guys. This is awesome because some people need help in putting themselves together, especially guys. This guide could definitely help men with summer style.  Here are nine tips from Vine Vera that can help both sexes and all ages stay trendy and original:

  1. Wear slim fitting jeans with a big military jacket or shirt. Choose the jacket carefully according to your personality and style. You can go for jackets with epaulets for a more charming look.
  2. If you have a T-shirt in military colors then do wear it with black or white or any pattern free materials.
  3. You can put on a military track suit when you go jogging or working out in the gym.
  4. Military is back in most famous designers` collections. Victoria Beckham suggests khaki dresses with knee-high boots.
  5. For a sophisticated look you can wear one of Tommy Hilfiger’s classy creations. Mix colors such as red and orange with military look colors and express your individuality.
  6. It is not all about colors, you will also notice there are winter coats and jackets in blue, black or white with only a few details such as golden buttons or double-breasted styles that are worn with wide blue navy trousers with yellow stripes on the sides.
  7. Try matching army style short jackets with dresses, silk, ribbons and lacquered belts to create a modern and feminine look.
  8. Teenagers love this style and their creativity in wearing military styles is fantastic. Try using their looks as inspiration. Here is a great idea if you go to a party, concert or plan a trip with friends; a comfortable pair of sneakers, camouflage pants with big pockets and a plain white T-shirt. These are things that most young people have in their wardrobes and you probably do also.
  9. Although military style mostly imitates soldiers` uniforms of the World War One or Two, current designers offer new ideas for people who are always looking for more. You will notice some of the recommended outfits nowadays actually reminds us of the Russian or the Nepalese Army uniforms with interesting caps and trousers.Model walking down the runway for Blackstar Collection with military style dress


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  2. Tara

    Hey I really would love to know where I can purchase this dress?

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