Vine Vera on Top Fashion Trends of 2014

There are some amazing t-shirts, trousers, blazers and suits that have been doing the rounds on the catwalks in fashion weeks across the world. But, there are thousands of new things to choose from as well. When you add the two together, it can turn out to be a formidable list of fashion trends to choose from. Vine Vera has summed up some of the latest and the best trends from world fashion to make things simpler for you. Hopefully, this should help you consider what to add to your wardrobe and what to leave out. A word of caution. Try to have an open mind while checking out the top fashion trends for 2014.


Model walking down the runway in a mesh topMesh as a mainstream fabric

Yes, the fabric that was mostly limited to sportswear until now has found its way into mainstream fashion as well. Some designers preferred to use mesh as an accent while others created entire outfits around mesh. Although the fabric does seem to be alluring, we know one thing for sure, not everyone can pull it off. If you’re new to the world of mesh, we would advise you to take it slow and start off with the accents before making it the centerpiece of your clothing.

Flower power is not just for the ladies anymore

Floral prints have become a major part of men’s style as well. These prints were seen everywhere – right from suits and shirts to shorts. What makes them so amazing is that you can do as you please with them – from a bold head to do floral attire to a floral shirt under a neutral blazer.


Maria Barros runway model showing off blue outfitBlue is back

Finally a piece of news that would make most men leap up with joy. After all, what man does not have one too many blue colored shirt. But, don’t get too excited. Monochrome blue is strictly for those chilly months. It always helps to try and stay vibrant beyond the winters. Finally, if you’re looking at hues like electric blue, make sure that you choose ones with small doses only.


Double-breasted blazers make a major comeback

The double-breasted blazers seem to have made a comeback from the 80s. And in a big way at that. Double-breasted blazers were seen on runways across the world and on countless street style blogs as well. Now would be a good time to brush off the dust from those ancient wonders which were never meant to be used again.


Male model walking the runway in artful stripesGeometry goes out the window

Stripes have made a comeback, but not in the traditional sense. The 2014 fashion scene has truly transformed the way the world looks at stripes. Conventional patterns and traditional shapes are still considered to be old school. But, differing thickness and bold prints offer you with an element of texture and a visual appeal to die for. Remember, the secret lies in making your torsos the stripe bearer.


Matile Cano bridal collection for 2015 features color blockColor blocking still goes strong

Color blocking is one trend that has managed to go from strength to strength this year. It is an ideal option for men who don’t prefer outlandish patterns, but still crave for a dash of color on their clothing.


Add some cream to your style

Creamy neutrals have also made a major comeback this year. Numerous designers have used these 1970s inspired neutrals and added a dash of color and texture to create a killer look. What makes them so popular is that the opportunities to experiment are endless when it comes to creamy neutrals, particularly with mix and match fashion being a rage in the modern world. Now would be a good time to borrow that cream sweater from your dad.


Model wearing all white outfit down runwayWhite still goes strong

Although white suits might not be the easiest things to pull off, we definitely recommend you to give them a try. The secret in looking good is being able to play with the textures.


Camouflage is back with a bang

Camouflage is back with full force. Most people expected these military grade prints to disappear within a couple of seasons, but they are till managing to make major waves in world fashion. However, the forest greens are no longer in charge. They have been completely replaced by abstract prints. Although camou trousers are making it big, we still suggest that you stick to camouflaged t-shirts or sweatshirts. The trousers can be a wee bit difficult to pull off.



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