Style Files – Men Stop Wearing This to the Gym

This one is especially for all you men out there. Guys, you do things that are seriously inspiring and amazing. But, you also end up doing a few things that you simply should not be doing. And no, we’re not talking about skin care or your personal hygiene. Vine Vera understands that those are things where you have finally begun to see eye to eye with most women. Those who still don’t, repeat after us. “A regular skin care routine makes me look good”. It will make you feel good also!

Getting back to where we started off, there are a few things you need to learn about dressing up for the gym, especially if you care about fashion or style. Remember, no one wants to see guys jogging with shoes looking like their feet or guys with shorts that look like minis. Ugly, weird and dangerously outdated, these are things that should simply be kept away from the gym. So if you don’t want to be termed as the next fashion disaster, make sure that you make a mental note of the things that men need to stop wearing to the gym.

Foot shaped toe shoes

Toe Shoes

Unless you want to be termed as a robot or wish to be treated like an adorable puppy, keep those funny looking toe shoes away from the gym. Shoes that are shaped to resemble your feet? Seriously? You would look better in bathroom slippers! We would suggest that don’t wear those shoes at all, seems like many people have had injuries from them.


Leggings on Dudes aka Meggings

Wearing leggings if you’re in a dance performance is one thing, but wearing leggings to a gym? Especially the skin tight kind that seem to be a part of your skin? Let’s face it, tight clothes definitely look better on women as it allows them to show off their figure. On men, not so much. Trust us, no girl wants to see too much, especially not at the gym gym. It just makes you look like “Reggie” from the Archie comics – too much into yourself.


Extra Small or Extra Long Shorts

Shorts that would be better termed as minis and shorts that seem to be perfect for a basketball court are not things that you want to wear to a gym. The short ones may suitable for running (if they aren’t TOO short) but they can look a little inappropriate. Teeny shorts just give a little too much information, just like meggings. The long ones look good in a reenactment of the 80s or a basketball court. Whenever someone wearing huge baggy shorts at the gym is using a leg machine, it always seems like a dangerous pursuit… what if the shorts get caught in the machine? So please keep them on the basketball court, if you must wear them. Please don’t wear them to the gym.


White Ts with Sweat Stains

Wearing a white t-shirt to the gym is a great idea. It makes you look good. But please know when to throw them out. White shirts end up showcasing your pit stains in a way that women simply don’t want to see. And it’s not your fault either. Those pit stains are mostly caused by the deodorants that you use. Since you can’t skip ont on the deo, thrash white shirts as soon as they get gross or skip out on them completely.

Body Builder in tiny tank

Teeny Tiny Tank Tops

What could be worse than having to see guy nipples in the gym? Don’t be the guy who ends up flashing his nipples and becoming the “ultimate fashion disaster” or “that eeew guy at the gym”. Trust us, no one wants to see them. It’s always better to cover up those areas. You might be thinking of showing off your muscles, but trust us, most ladies aren’t interested in that while at the gym.


On the other hand, if you stick to things that are gym appropriate and exude some style and personality, yes, you’re very much wanted at the gym. Ladies always have a taste for those things.


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