Top Makeup Myths Revealed

Yes, we admit it. It is hard (not hard, it’s impossible) to stay away from beauty gossip. The ever-changing trends, countless theories, increasing sense of fashion and fads simply makes grandma theories unpopular and outdated. When it comes to our makeup, we are extremely possessive. Vine Vera believes that fashion styles don’t just make make their way around town, but they also go for a spin around the world. And with the kind of social media frenzy present today, it’s true! One click with improper makeup could make you an example of how not to apply makeup. One the other hand, one click where you look out of the world could transform you into one of the street style stars to watch out for. Therefore, while it is important for you to ensure that your makeup routine works, it is also important for you  to understand some of the makeup myths that most people end up believing.


Airbrush makeup tools and cosmeticsMakeup Myth # 1 – Makeup with an airbrush is much better than traditionally applied makeup

Airbrush makeup is neither better nor worse than traditionally applied makeup. Both could be used to apply makeup properly. Ultimately, makeup that looks good is makeup that looks good. But what do you get when using an airbrush? Well, airbrush makeup helps you to make the makeup last for longer and is considered to be a wee bit easier to apply.


Makeup Myth # 2 – Darker foundations can tan your looks

Choosing a foundation that is way too dark for your skin tone, doesn’t make you look tanned, it makes you look foolish. It becomes obvious that you chose the wrong foundation. Always make sure that you match the foundation that you choose to your skin color.

Applying chapstickMakeup Myth # 3 – There is lead in cheap lipsticks

We don’t know whether this came as a result of a marketing campaign or because of a common misconception, but there is just no truth in this myth. The FDA, the organization responsible for ensuring consumer safety products, tests all products to ensure that they are safe for consumer use. It doesn’t matter whether the product is cheap or expensive, it must tick all the right boxes in order to make its way into the markets. Yes, most lipsticks contain lead. But this lead is present in extremely small amounts, amounts that really don’t make any difference.


Makeup Myth # 4 – Makeup leads to breakouts

Makeup doesn’t cause breakouts, bad hygiene does. Not cleaning your skin before applying makeup and not washing your makeup before going to sleep are what cause breakouts.

Shaving legsMakeup Myth # 5 – Shaving can make the hair grow thicker

Shaving cuts your hair from the part where it is the thickest. Therefore, when it grows back, your hair is at a uniform level, right from the top to the bottom. Yes, the tip of your hair might be thicker, but the effect isn’t long lasting.

Makeup Myth # 6 – You need to pump the mascara to get more product.

This practice is considered to be one of the worst makeup habits to have. Instead of pumping, you should try twisting the mascara out of the tube. Pumping makes air enter the tube which makes your product susceptible to bacteria. Continue this practice and the insides of your mascara tube could become to all sorts of germs and bacteria which cause infections and diseases.

Makeup artist penciling eyebrow makeupMakeup Myth # 7 – The color of the eyebrow pencil should match the color of your eyebrow

Doing this will end up making your eyes look harsh. Ideally, the color of your eyebrow pencil should be one or two shades lighter than your eyebrow color. This helps you to make them look more natural and fuller.


Makeup Myth # 8 – Always apply the concealer before the foundation

You should actually be doing the opposite. Applying concealers before you apply the foundation is useless. Ultimately, the main role of a concealer is to cover up those stubborn areas that cannot be covered using a foundation. Using concealers after the foundation shall help you to save a lot of time.

Understanding these makeup myths and ensuring that you stay away from them could help you transform the way you apply your makeup, not just in terms of making it faster, but also allowing you to look better.



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3 responses to “Top Makeup Myths Revealed

  1. This is really helpful. I totally agree with you! 🙂

  2. Loved this! I have the bad habit of pumping my mascara wand, I need to stop that

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