Mix and Match Products for Awesome Hair

Woman choosing hair productsYou always buy a hair styling product in the hopes that the moment you put it on your hair, your world shall change and you will finally be able to get rid of your unruly, flat or frizzy hair. However, a single product is never going to cut it when it comes to your hair. Since the texture and color for every woman is different, the product routine needs to be altered from case to case. Having beautiful looking hair is all about managing to assemble the perfect pairing for your tones and your textures. Actually, getting beautiful looking hair is quite similar to getting that perfect smokey eye look. You need several shades of gray to get the perfect smokey eye look. Similarly, you need different types of sprays, serums and conditioners when it comes to having the perfect finish for your hair. Here are some of the best mix and match products for awesome hair.

Heat Protectants and Argan Oil – To get the perfect shine

Heat protectants are very important when it comes to preventing damage on your blow dried hair. However, a protectant will not always give you the shine you want. In order to get shiny looking hair, you need to pair a protectant with some argan oil. Start the process by spraying the protectant all over your hair and then apply some oil on your hair by putting it on your palms and running them through your hair. This helps to make the hair smoother and shinier and also gives you a frizz free look.

Volumizing Spray and Straightening Balm – Best for those with curly hair wanting to get a beautiful blowout

Volumizing sprays are an ideal solution for those looking to create some body and volume to their hair. However, when it comes to curly hair, you still need something more to get a smooth blowout. The best solution is to use some straightening balms that help you get the perfect finish. Start off by spraying volumizing spray on your hair. The next step involves putting some straightening balm on your hair and spreading it right from your tips to your roots. The sleek shape is likely to be good enough to leave you spellbound.

Volumizing Spray and Detangler – For those wanting some natural volume

Volumizing sprays are the best when it comes to adding volume to your hair, but you would also want them to have some movement. That is why a detangler is so important. It helps you to bring out the natural texture of your hair without weighing down the hair. The best way to combine both is to spray detangler all over the hair. Once this is done, you can apply the volumizing spray to your roots and run a blow dryer through your hair.

Dry Shampoo and Hairspray – For those with oily hair wanting to get fuller and fresher strands

Dry shampoo is your go to product if you’re suffering from oily hair. You can carry it with you all over the place and it offers you with an instant fix to those messy looking strands. A dry shampoo can also be used to get fuller and fresher strands when used with a hair spray. Start off by spraying some dry shampoo on your hair. Then apply the hair spray and flip your head upside down for a while to ensure that you get more movement and texture.

Volumizing Hairspray and Styling Wax – For those wanting soft and touchable waves

Getting soft and touchable waves doesn’t require hours of handiwork. All you need to do is apply some volumizing hair spray and combine it with styling wax. This should help you to get soft and touchable waves within minutes. This solution is an ideal option for those with fine, limp or frizzy hair. Make sure that you work on 1-inch sections at a time. Start off by spraying the volumizing hair spray on the back of your hair and blow it dry. Then dip your finger in some styling wax and apply it to the ends of your hair as well as to flyaways. If you’re looking for a firmer hold, you need to apply the wax before blow drying.

Leave In Conditioners and Styling Wax – For those with frizzy hair wanting to create beachy waves

If you have thick and frizzy hair and you’re looking to create a beachy wave look, you need to combine leave in conditioners with styling wax. The problem is that your hair tends to become puffy, particularly when there is a lot of humidity. Therefore, using this combination of products can help you to get frizz free beachy waves. Start off by applying the leave in conditioner on wet hair and running a comb through it. Then allow your hair to dry before applying a bit of wax on your dry hair.

Anti Frizz Shine Serum  and Leave In Conditioners – For those wanting tight and glossy ringlets

Ever fell in love with that coiled and shiny look that your wet hair sports? Unfortunately, leaving your hair wet isn’t an option. But, what you can do is recreate the same look using some leave in conditioner and anti frizz shine serum. The secret of getting this look is to start off slowly and work on your hair layer by layer. Use your fingers to apply both products on your hair.


In the end, getting perfect looking hair is all about mixing and matching different techniques, blending and balancing your products and choosing the option that is the best for the type of hair you have and the look you want.




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