Tackle Mixed Prints

Mixing prints is not easy. It is an art, an entire thought process in itself that requires you to have some sort of idea of what to look for and a basic idea of the fashion industry. Mixing prints correctly can help you create an exquisite outfit that easily becomes the center of attraction. However, getting your execution wrong can make you look pathetic and out of place. So before you move on to mixing prints, here are a few tips and ideas that are worth exploring.

Model going down runway in mixed printsIf you’re not comfortable with mixing patterns, you can simply mix a single print in two different colors. There’s no need for you to mix and match florals and plaids and other complicated pairings if the idea doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Remember, the main reasoning behind mixing your prints is to look cool, not uncomfortable. So make sure that you never go beyond your comfort levels when it comes to mixing prints.

Florals, geo-patterns, polka dots, stripes – it’s very difficult to understand what goes well with what. One of the best ways to understand the art of mixing prints is to check out ideas in online blogs and magazines. There are a number of experts who showcase their styles and collections of how to mix prints. By checking out their collections and understanding what they have to say, you can actually create masterpieces for yourself.

Model walking runway at fashion week; Mara Hoffman mixed printsIt also helps to keep the rest of the outfit neutral when mixing prints. For example, a pair of jeans or a solid blouse can prove to be excellent options for anchors. This allows you to mix your shirts with checks that are proportionately sized. The solid and neutral looking outfit makes your mixes stand out, thereby boosting your overall appearance.

One of the best options is to mix polka dots with black and white minis and pair them with a bold blazer. Another solution is to sport a casual look by mixing a blue colored plaid shirt over your red one. The reasons behind the wonderful look in both these cases? Similar prints and colors that complement each other.

Model in mixed prints going down the runwayAnother mixing worth trying is to mix two prints with subtly different hues. Use a darker tone for the belt. This helps to break up the patterns and define your waist. Finally, add some jewelry and a neutral colored bag to complete your look.

If you’re not a fan of simplicity, you could take a few tips from Diane Kruger. Diane recently sported a unique look which might have seemed to be risky at the time, but transformed into a brilliant move. She sported a look that consisted of multiple patterns which did not fall in the same color combination. The secret behind pulling it off? The polka dots on her top complemented the polka dots on her skirt. Moreover, by wearing a toned down print, she also managed to choose a more imaginative color for her top.

Remember, mixing the prints shouldn’t be forced. They should always be impulsive and enjoyable. The moment you stop having fun while mixing prints, take a break. Stop mixing them until you feel confident of being able to do so once more.


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