Indulge: Top Restaurants in San Diego

Restaurants in Gaslamp District of San DiegoLooking for the top restaurants in San Diego? Well, you don’t need to have a meal to find out which ones rank among the best. We’ve already done that for you. Whether you’re looking for a romantic ambience for that perfect date or soothing decors for an ideal business luncheon or a place to hang out with your friends, you’re likely to find something suitable in this list. San Diego is home to some of the tastiest ingredients, freshest decors and the very best ambiences when it comes to restaurants. There is no doubt that the restaurant scene in the city is bursting and you can always hope of treating yourself with unique experiences and amazing flavors. Here is a list of the top restaurants in San Diego.

Chandler’s Restaurant and Lounge

Don’t go in expecting to see Chandler Bing from the epic sitcom Friends welcoming you into the restaurant. But, if you’re looking for an amazing ambience and coastal cuisines, it truly doesn’t get better than Chandler’s Restaurant and Lounge. The four seater tables, tables 146 – 149, are among the most popular dining spots in the restaurant and the best time to grab one of these tables is about 30 minutes before sunset.

Sushi Ota

Sushi Ota is considered to be one of the best spots in the city for sushi lovers. It offers its patrons with all sorts of delicacies – right from sushi rolls to tempura filled with the freshest fishes to sashimi. Sushi Ota is also known to be a SoCal sweetheart.

Brockton Villa

Brockton Villa was once known to be a beach cottage that transformed into one of the most popular restaurants in San Diego. Brockton Villa has always commanded some of the best views of the La Jolla Cove. The best spot in the restaurant are tables 5 – 10 as well as table 32 as these tables usually offer the most picturesque views of the ocean.


The Nobu Restaurant is located about 2 blocks away from the Petco Park. Nobu features an upscale setting, earth toned silks, modern fixtures, beautiful stone tiles and dark colored leather booths. Nobu is famous for its excellent variety of Japanese dishes such as eggplant miso, sushi rolls and lobsters with wasabi.

Bread on Market

The Bread on market Restaurant is located in the Gaslamp Quarter and is famous for its highly affordable soups, salads and sandwiches. The restaurant offers a bakery that churns up delicious treats such as cakes, brownies and cookies as well. Beer and wine are also available at the restaurant.

The Poseidon Restaurant

The Poseidon Restaurant features an informal dining atmosphere and a relaxed ambience. It is an ideal place for a casual get-together with your friends for a Sunday brunch or some alfresco lunch.

The Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Shop is located in Midway Drive and is most famous for its sandwiches and Italian dishes. As simple as the restaurant might seem to be, it is no ordinary sandwich shop. It is known to take rolls, hollow them and then fill them with amazing Italian dishes such as ravioli, lasagne and meatballs.

Bertrand at Mr. A’s

Bertrand at Mr. A’s is located on the 5th Avenue Financial Center. This exquisite French restaurant dates back to more than 45 years and is known to offer panoramic views of Downtown San Diego. Watching jets soar by at eye level, feasting on homemade pastas, oak wood oven pizzas, fresh salads and grilled meats and sampling a wide variety of desserts are some of the best things to do at the restaurant.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto is located in the Little Italy district of San Diego. It opened way back in the year 1950 and has been ranked as one of the best Italian restaurants in the city ever since. The restaurant offers its patrons with a wide variety of pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, wine and beer along with candlelights, Chianti bottles and beautiful looking red and white colored tables. One of the most unique aspects of the restaurant is the countless hand decorations that hang from the ceiling walls. Each of these decorations have been made by past customers. Talk about being loyal to a restaurant.

Cusp Dining and Drinks

Cusp Dining and Drinks is an amazing rooftop Mediterranean restaurant that has been created in a unique way in order to allow diners to face the Pacific Ocean instead of facing each other. The best views at the restaurant can be found on tables 37 and 38.



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  1. As a San Diegan, I’ve been to a few of these but not all! I’ll have to add these to my go to list. Thank you!!


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