Your dad is a one-of-a-kind guy, so he deserves a one-of-a-kind gift for Father’s Day this year. Dad has been there for the big and little steps, whether he’s perfectly coiffed or he lets you play with his Star Wars action figurines (gently, of course). That’s why he deserves the best gift possible, no matter who he is or what his interests are.

We’ve broken it down to five types of dads and what to get for him. Each type is wonderful just the way he is, and has the perfect gift waiting out there:

Older man fishingOUTDOORS DAD
He taught you how to hook a line, maybe took you camping or even just hiking in the mountains. Rugged and manly, this dad loves everything about nature, whether it’s helping find new trails or climbing rock formations. This type of dad is always game for an adventure, and you’ve been more than happy to tag along on all his journeys — wherever they may lead.

What to get him: Outdoor stores are sure to be helpful in your search, whether you’re looking to get him some new hiking boots or a fancy compass. If you want more than just a gift, though, take those items and get away for a weekend trip to a local campground to create some new memories.

Older man in high end suitCLASSY DAD
Sophisticated in a three-piece suit, this dad is always put together and stylish. He taught you everything you needed to know about grooming and dressing right, and he always gets the job done while looking like he just walked out of a GQ layout. Whether it’s finding the right suit or shining his shoes, this dad might as well have been James Bond in a past life for how suave he is.

What to get him: The Classy Dad loves to be pampered and groomed, and this spoiling is the perfect antidote against a boring tie gift. A high-end shaving kit, his favorite hair products or a day at a men’s spa where he can get a massage can be great for making him look his best.

He’s easy as a Sunday morning, someone who enjoys watching a football game with you as much as a relaxed barbecue in the backyard during the summertime. Your Laid-Back Dad is fun without shoving it down your throat. He’s far from lazy, but his casual attitude may make him even harder to shop for than someone who has a specific interest.

What to get him: With someone so laid back, an easy gift that’s tailored to his interests may get more satisfaction than one that’s fancy. For example, instead of looking at high-end knick-knacks, a case of gourmet beers from all over the world may make for a fun experience he appreciates.

Many dads can man the barbecue, but this dad is a master in the kitchen. He knows the difference between turmeric and saffron and knows how to whip up a great frittada as well as prepare the most delicious salmon. This type of dad believes the best adventures are culinary-based, and he has sent you around the world with his delectable dishes.

What to get him: A new kitchen tool is a great gift, but make sure to get him one that fits his kitchen expertise, his growing interests or one he’ll use regularly. For example, if he likes to make gourmet soups, an immersion blender is fantastic, but it’s not good if he specializes in pastries.

Star Wars Storm TrooperFANBOY DAD
He never gave up his imagination as he got older, and passed on a sense of wonder and joy directly to you. He adored his Superman comic books and introduced you to Star Wars. You spent a lot of time together, whether it was playing your latest video game together or watching Star Trek on the couch. He may be a little nerdy, but he’s the best dad you could ever ask for.

What to get him: Often fanboys will indulge in collectibles, and what better gift could you get for your dad than that vintage comic book he’s looking for or a figurine in its original packaging? Online shops like eBay gives you a wide range of selection, so there is no limit to what you can get for him.

What type of dad is your dad? What gift are you going to get him? Let us know in the comments below!


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