As Father’s Day is approaching, it’s often times like these that think about the lessons you might have learned from dear old Dad. He might have taught you how to hook bait onto a fishing line or ride a bike, but he most likely also taught you many of the things that you use in your daily grooming and a little bit about men’s skincare. However, there is plenty of room to grow your routine.

Whether you want to nurture your great smile or have the right hair, it’s important to detail some of the best tips you might have gotten from dear old dad. Here are 15 of our favorites:

Man applying pre-shave serum


-Soften your facial hair before shaving. This means taking a hot shower first, cleansing your face with a gentle facial cleanser and then, using a brush, lathering up with a good shave gel and letting it sit for two to three minutes. The softer your facial hair is, the easier the shave.

-Change your razors regularly as they begin to dull. A sharp razor will guarantee a close shave without having to make multiple passes, which can cause irritation.

-Use an aftershave balm or gel. Shaving is a harsh business, and your skin is going to need plenty of moisture in order to combat painful razor burn. Look for an ultra-moisturizing balm that will give you both your daily moisture and fight a harsh rash.

Man looking in the mirror


-Find a good hair stylist that you trust. It’s not enough to just run into the local haircutting place if you want to maintain a great look. Find a barbershop, a salon or even a favorite hairstylist — anyone who understands men’s hair and the things you want out of your look.

-Don’t just use any shampoo and conditioner. If you have a good scalp, you shouldn’t use a product that is meant for dandruff. Find the cleansing products that are made for your hair needs. Your hair stylist can help you find them.

-Buy good styling products. If you want to do more than just wash and wear, investing in quality pomades, waxes and gels can help give you the best look possible and the versatility to change your look.


-Use a gentle cleanser. If your soap is too harsh, it can trigger skin problems such as acne or rashes. Check the ingredients of your cleanser and adjust accordingly.

-Moisturize. Even if your skin doesn’t look dry, you need hydration in order to keep it looking great. Look for an anti-aging formula to keep wrinkles at bay and maintain a youthful look.

-Any exposed skin needs serious SPF. Skin cancer is on the rise, and you require protection against harmful UV rays. Look for a broad spectrum sunscreen that will shield you from both UVA and UVB rays, which both can cause serious damage to your skin.

Man applying body moisturizer


-Exfoliating your body can help keep your skin smooth, particularly in harsh winter months. There are plenty of scrubs out there that will help slough off the dead skin and leave you soft. If you don’t want to get a scrub, try a loofah. It will give you exfoliation while giving you a richer soap lather.

-You need hydration all over your body, not just your face. After you shower, use a lotion to moisturize all over, focusing attention on tough areas such as the elbows and knees.

-Keep your body hair in check; no girl wants to be with Sasquatch. Invest in a trimmer to make sure that your body hair doesn’t grow wild. If you prefer a smoother look, look at waxing — painful, but with longer-lasting results.

Man smiling


-Keep your teeth bright and white. In addition to brushing your teeth, flossing and regular dental checkups, look at whitening trays or strips that you can apply to your teeth to give yourself a glowing smile.

-Fight bad breath. If you’re still brushing your teeth and flossing regularly and having a problem with halitosis, try a tongue scraper. Use it alongside your mouth routine to remove the nasty residue that might trigger deadly breath.

-Keep your lips smooth. Exfoliate dead skin once a week and regularly apply a moisturizing, natural lip balm in order to keep them soft. You never know who might want to steel a kiss from you.

What grooming tips did you learn from your dad? Did we miss any? Share with us in the comments below!


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  1. Great post on grooming 101 basics for men

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