The Causes of Perpetually Dry Skin

As frustrating and irritating as it can be, dry skin is actually one of the simplest skin issues that you can resolve. However, before you get into expensive skin treatments or purchasing many different types of skin care creams and moisturizers, it is important to understand the reasons behind skin issues. Dry skin can have a number of forms – itchy red blotches, cracked skin or flaky patches.  Irrespective of the type of problem your faced with you, it is quite easy to determine the reason behind your dry skin and prevent it from affecting your looks. The first and foremost aspect that you need to understand when looking into the causes of perpetually dry skin is that there is no one reason for dry skin. There could be a number of internal and external factors that work in tandem to leave your skin pale and dry. Some of the most common issues that affect your skin are allergies, climatic conditions, age, health and your genetics. Read on to check out the causes of perpetually dry skin and learn how to get rid of your skin issues.

Soap barsHarsh Soaps

Most people don’t understand the importance of using the right kind of soaps while bathing. Yes, the advertisements showing women boasting silky soft skin might be enticing, but the concept many soaps do not do what they advertise. Soaps can remove oils from the skin and therefore scrubbing your skin a lot with soap can lead to the loss of oils and moisture which ultimately results in dryer skin. It is vital to choose a cleanser formulated with the right PH for your skin. Dry skin usually means your skin PH is too high or alkaline. Look for a more acidic cleanser to counteract this. You may have seen milk cleansers being offered for dry skin, this is a great option because the slightly acidic PH of milk helps balance out the alkaline PH of dry skin.

Long and Cozy Showers or Baths

You might have experienced dried or tight skin when you get out of a long shower. This is because prolonged exposure to hot water can reduce the natural oils which help to protect your skin. The best way to prevent the loss of these oils is to ensure that you always choose a shower over a bath. Another solution is to limit the exposure of your skin to hot water. If you simply cannot live without baths, bathe in lukewarm water instead of scalding hot.


Young woman holding bottles of moisturizersMisusing Moisturizers

Anyone suffering from dry skin is likely to have tried a couple dozen moisturizers over the years. However, even though these moisturizers can be an extremely important part of your skin care regime, misusing them can lead to more harm than good. For example, most people who use these moisturizers use them after thoroughly drying their skin. Moisturizers should always be used when your skin is still damp. It is also important to understand what type of moisturizer to use. The mild ones that do not contain any sort of alcohol or perfumes are known to be best for those suffering from dry skin. Secondly, same as your cleanser it is important that your moisturizer has the right PH balance for your skin. Research your moisturizer online to find out its PH or check out the test kits that many drugstores now offer for this purpose.

Heating or Air Conditioning

Another problem that people face is that they spend a lot of time indoors and are largely dependent on indoor heating or air conditioning. This air can not only lead to dry skin, but it also dries out the mucous membranes that ultimately lead to hoarseness in your throat, chapped lips or dry noses.  The best solution is to set the heat or AC to the lowest possible setting and use a humidifier, particularly during the nighttime.


Your skin is known to lose vital nutrients as your body becomes older. Therefore, it becomes essential to make sure that you assist your aging skin with the right kind of anti-aging products. Serums can help you rejuvenate your skin by repairing the damaged DNA and protecting against free radicals. There is a laundry list of things you can do to reduce the appearance and effects of aging on the skin but we will save that for its own post!


Young woman outside in snowy cold weatherCold Winters

The moment temperatures begin to drop in your city, you should prepare yourself for the onslaught of dry and parched skin. This primarily due to the fact that the humidity levels also drop along with the temperature. According to Linda Stein, a clinical research director at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, the winter temperature is known to be the most common cause of dry skin. The best way to combat dry skin during winters is to get a humidifier installed in your home so that the air remains moist. It helps to protect the sensitive areas of your skin with gloves and scarves when you go out during the winters. It is also highly advised to switch up your skin care routine seasonally, for winter you will want to use heavier moisturizers.

Rough Rub Downs

You don’t really need to scrub your skin with all your might in order to clean it. This age old belief is completely false and you actually end up damaging your skin by doing so. According to Nanette Silverberg, a dermatology professor at the Columbia University, the friction leads to stripping of the skin and makes it rougher and drier.

Excessive Washing

Over-washing is considered to be another problem that is common among people. Most hygiene conscious people tend to wash their hands a lot and this can lead to skin issues such as hand dermatitis. This can be caused by the water or the soap or by both. It always helps to reduce the exposure that your hands are subjected to by wearing gloves while cooking or washing dishes and avoiding harsh soaps which are known to have antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Limit yourself to cleansing your face once, or tops twice, a day and do it for less than a minute.

Young woman swimming under waterSwimming

Swimming might be excellent for your health and your fitness, but it can really take a toll on your hair and your skin. Contrary to popular belief, its not the chlorine (overly chlorinated swimming pools excluded) that affects your skin as much as the longer exposure to water does. Being in the pool for long hours, your skin loses its oily layer that is in charge of locking in the moisture. As a result, you are subject to dry skin. The best solution for this problem is to have a thorough shower after swimming and use an excellent moisturizing lotion immediately after the shower.

Skin Conditions

Those suffering from preexisting skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can also face problems such as dry skin. You should always ensure that you visit a dermatologist if you face rashes and dry skin often, to better understand the issues with your skin and implement proper skin care treatments.

Having perpetually dry skin can be frustrating. Many people go through many years of searching for the best cures for their dry skin. We hope our article helps you toward a path of quenched skin. Let us know which tips you found most helpful in the comments!





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