Spa Treatments At Home

ladies feet soaking in a foot bathWe all love time our time at the spa and how relaxed we feel afterwards, but going back and forth to the spa can be such a hassle. Wouldn’t it be easier to just do these treatments in the comfort in your very own home?

Actually, it’s not that hard to do. Some of the best ingredients to help soften and deeply moisturize your skin are either available at your local market or drugstore, or may actually be in your house right now. With very little preparation needed, you can treat yourself to a fun spa experience at home without the hassle. Here are five treatments that we love:


What does it do? Our feet take the weight of the day, so it’s only right that we give them some serious love. Epsom salts are great for soothing aches and pains, and if you combine that with lemon and mint, you have not a great exfoliating agent in the citrus but also an aromatherapy treatment in the mint to ultimate relaxation.

How to do it: In a large plastic tub, add one cup of Epsom salts, a sliced whole lemon and half a cup of mint leaves to warm water. Allow your feet to soak for 15 minutes. For extra moisturizing properties, add a tablespoon of coconut oil to soften your tired toes.


What does it do?: Oatmeal and milk have been a combination known for centuries for its soothing properties for sensitive skin. Biblical times showed women soaking in milk baths, and your mom has probably used oatmeal on your skin when you have developed skin issues is the past.

How to do it: Combine half a cup of ground oatmeal with half a cup of powdered milk and one tablespoon of an aromatic oil, such as lavender, into a muslin bag. Place in a warm bath. Do not put these ingredients directly in the bath, or else you’ll have a mess afterward.


What does it do? Salt exfoliates dead skin and leaves your body feeling silky smooth. The citrus in this mix helps give it extra sloughing power while the olive oil helps you moisturize the new skin afterwards. Be warned, though: This mixture should not be used on the face, as the coarse salt is rough and can be irritating to sensitive skin.

How to do it: Mix half a cup of coarse salt (either sea salt or kosher salt) with 1/4 cup olive oil and two tablespoons of lemon juice, or approximately the juice of half a lemon. Massage it into your skin and then rinse off. If salt is too tough for you (or it’s not available in the house), white table sugar is also a great option.


What does it do? Spa treatments occur from the inside outward, and waters flavored with different fruits and vegetables give your body inner refreshment that brings an outer glow to your skin. Cucumber water is often served at local spas, as is water with lemon. As the summer arrives, this water is easy to include in not only your spa treatments, but also your outdoor gatherings.

How to do it: There are many different recipes for this ultra-hydrating and healing water, but the one we like involves citrus, mint, cucumber and ginger. Simply slice one lemon, one cucumber and half a ginger root and add to half a gallon of cool water. Add mint leaves and allow to sit for at least 10 minutes before indulging.


What does it do?  Tea has caffeine that is perfect to waking up tired eyes as well as offering other healing properties for eyes’ delicate skin. Both black and green tea can work for this, but green tea also features antioxidants that power the fight against the signs of aging.

How to do it: Soak two teabags in warm water to start releasing the tannins. Remove and gently squeeze (without releasing all the liquid) and place over tired eyes. Let the teabags sit for 10 to 15 minutes before removing and rinsing your face.

Are there any spa treatments at home that you like to use? What is your natural secret to beautiful skin? Let us know in the comments below!


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