Makeup for Mature Skin

Mature woman holding a mirror and applying lipstickAs we get older, not only do our skincare regimens change, but also our makeup routines. The colors you may have used in your 20s and 30s may not work as well for you as you go into your 40s and 50s. Certain things that you once took for granted in your makeup bag disappear, particularly when fine lines and wrinkles show up.

However, there don’t need to be dramatic changes in your routine. You may not be able to use some of the same products, but with some small changes you can adapt to your new skin’s tone. Here are ten tips that can help you look your best and age beautifully:


PRIME ACCORDINGLY. If you’re not moisturized properly, your foundation can accentuate the developing fine lines and wrinkles across your face, not hide them. When selecting a moisturizer, make sure it’s one that gives your skin the plumping and elasticity that you need to prevent fine lines and provide you a solid base for any makeup application. Also be sure to use a primer before applying foundation or powder. A good primer can not only give your makeup more lasting power but can keep it from sinking into fine lines. Some primers now even come with anti-aging effects.


CONCEAL IT RIGHT. Like a moisturizer for your face, your eyes also need a good base as not to accentuate crow’s feet or other issues. Make sure you use an eye cream and select a moisturizing concealer, being careful not to over-apply it. If you’re looking to do both in one product, there are new concealers that have caffeine and other nourishing ingredients so you don’t have to double up on the eye treatments.


PASS ON POWDERS. Youthful skin often has a dewy, healthy look that powders just don’t provide. Plus, as you age, the powder you use can often settle into wrinkles and make them look more obvious. Avoid powders if you can; however, if you need a powder because your skin looks oily, apply sparingly and stick to a loose translucent formula.


EASY ON THE EYES. Don’t use harsh or dramatic colors on your eyes, or else you might draw unwanted attention to crow’s feet, puffiness or saggy skin. Use a softer eye pencil instead of liquid liner and stick to neutral colors such as taupe or beige. If you do want to use a bold color, make sure it’s a sheer wash or an accent, like a bold-colored eyeliner.

More natural looking makeup on mature skin

GET RID OF RED. Darker lip colors don’t work as well on your skin as you get older, especially as the skin on your lips starts to thin out. Deep reds, plums, browns and other deep hues should be avoided on your lips. Look for pretty pinks and mauves, particularly in glossy formula to give the illusion of plumper lips. If you can’t give up your red, make sure that it’s a rosy shade.


BAT FOR LASHES. Your eyelashes often thin as you age, so it’s best to develop your eyelashes as much as you can to retain a youthful look. Make sure to use an eyelash curler and a powerful lengthening and thickening mascara formula to perk up your eyes, using it only on the top lashes. If you’re really bold and want more lashes, opt for false lashes or make an appointment for a lash extension.


BLUSHING BEAUTY. Finding the right blush can give aging skin a youthful glow and distract from fine lines and wrinkles. Simply find a neutral blush (light pink for fair skinned women, deeper roses for darker skinned gals) and apply to the apples of your cheeks with a large brush when you smile. Don’t opt for darker contours, which can age you dramatically.


EYEING EYEBROWS. Your eyebrows may do one of two things while you’re aging: Either they will thin out or become thicker. If they become thicker, invest in a professional threading or waxing to give you definitive shape. If they thin, fill in lightly with an eye pencil. Don’t go too dramatic, though — no one looks good with stark painted-in brows.


Mature woman with attractive makeup applicationGO BACK TO NATURAL. Less is more when it comes to your makeup routine as you get older, so it’s best to not layer on cakey foundations or multiple shades of lipsticks and liners. Keep your makeup routine simple and stick to sheer products, such as eye shadows with less pigment in them or light foundations.


SELECT NEW PRODUCTS. As you age, the products that may have worked well for you as a 30-year-old may not do the trick anymore. Many cosmetics companies have products geared specifically towards older skin that will help cover up the signs of aging, and some even have nutrients that can help protect and nourish it.


What are your best makeup tips for your maturing skin? Let us know in the comments below!


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