Decorating Tips for a Zen Home

Nothing feels as good as home, but sometimes the clutter of life gets in the way. Sometimes the best thing you can do to relieve the tension is to give your space a redesign. One of the best ways to get some relief from the stress through home décor is to make your space a bit more Zen.


What exactly does Zen mean? It traditionally is defined as a state of meditation, but when it comes to home décor, it boils down to simplicity and airy design while providing the most comfort for you. Zen décor often means clean, simple lines, Asian minimalism as inspiration and a natural ease in colors and overall decoration.Headboard, side table, view of bathroom all look Zen in this bedroom


Reviving your home with Zen design can give you a sacred space and peace of mind that you might not have in your everyday life, and it’s actually a lot easier than it may seem. Here are five quick tips in order to take your home décor to a beautiful state of Zen:


-CUT CLUTTER. One of the principles of Zen décor is minimalism and clarity, and that can’t be done with piles of paper lying around. Go through all your items and organize carefully so you’ll know where to find it later. Toss out any extraneous items that are taking up too much space in your home. You’re already obtaining a Zen state of mind by ridding yourself of extra baggage and clutter so you can approach your space with a new outlook. It is the perfect beginning to your quest.


-GET BACK TO NATURE. When it comes to color schemes in both furniture and wall colors, keep the tones light and neutral. Earthy shades and natural blues are perfect for Zen decorating, as are light whites and beiges. If you would like to have deep colors in your space such as a ruby red, make sure it’s only one shade and used as an accent for your home and not the main color focus point. Except for that accent, keep the rest of the tones in your home as light and natural as possible.


-LET THE LIGHT IN. Like with using lighter colors throughout your home, take advantage of the natural light in your space and use it to your advantage.  If you have windows, use curtains made of lighter material to allow light to come through. If your space doesn’t allow for a lot of natural light, you should choose muted lights rather than bright fluorescents or an overwhelming amount of lamps. The key is tranquility, and the right amount of light will allow that.

Candles on the coffee table and a big plant add a nice touch to a neutral living room

-BE CAREFUL WITH ACCENTS. Zen is all about modern simplicity — clean lines, light textures, simple shapes and functional designs are all key. This should be the theme throughout your home décor. If your choose something to accent your design, whether it’s a sculpture, a kind of fabric or a piece of furniture, make sure that it remains true to the aesthetic and doesn’t overpower the Zen effect that you’re looking for.


-ALLOW CALM TO ENTER. Feng Shui, or the Chinese practice of harmonizing your space through incorporating elements of wood, earth, fire, metal and water, can help bring calming Zen elements to your home. This practice of décor includes small water fixtures, natural scents and candles or even different colors you can incorporate into your design. Although not all aspects Feng Shui will work well with Zen décor, this natural balancing of energies can give your space a spiritual quality it may not have had before and a sense of relaxation and balance you need.


What is your favorite way to give your space a sense of Zen? Have you gone Zen and have any tips? Leave them in the comments below.


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