Exercise for Your Face?

You may do yoga for your body, but did you know that your facial muscles also need working out? In addition to the nutrients it receives, your skin needs backup from the flesh underneath and help to increase circulation. Although there are many people who are conflicted about the true effect of these stretches, one thing’s for certain, they help get the blood flowing in your face and can possibly help increase the muscle tone that your skin needs to maintain its appearance.Get your tongue wagging

There are plenty of exercises you can do to help you face fight lines and wrinkles that come from aging. Facial yoga has become a huge trend to minimize the signs of aging without cosmetic procedures, but you don’t have to necessarily do anything seriously time-consuming. These can all be done in the privacy of your home. Follow these 10 simple exercises in order to go beyond toning your body to fight age:

-STRETCH THAT NECK. Moving your head around can help strengthen the muscles in your neck that can be prone to sagging skin. Make sure to look up, down, left and right. If you pucker your lips and stick your tongue out, it will help you even further.

-GET YOUR TONGUE WAGGING. Not with gossip, of course, but this exercise will target the lines around your mouth as well as your chin. Open up your mouth as wide as you can and wag your tongue from side to side. Do this for about 30 seconds, rest and repeat five more times.

-PUCKER UP. Puckering your lips also helps in making sure those laugh lines and wrinkles look less visible. Simply pucker up as if you’re trying to kiss someone and hold for ten seconds. For an increased benefit in the neck, do this while looking up to help work out the muscles there.For increased benefits lift your head while puckering your lips

-RAISE THOSE EYEBROWS. It may look like a shocking position, but raising your eyebrows helps those forehead creases from becoming too apparent. Simply raise your eyebrows for five-second intervals, and allow to rest. Do 10 of these three times a day.

-ANUNCIATION. Instead of slurring your words, spend some time pronouncing them to give your face a much-needed workout. Focus on using your whole mouth with words, particularly on the vowel sounds with your mouth wide that will make your mouth expand and fight those smile lines.

-WIGGLE THAT NOSE. Samantha on the old television show Bewitched used to wiggle her nose from side to side to create magic. It turns out she may have been on to something, as wiggling can help exercise those laugh lines on your face. Spend about 30 seconds wiggling your nose from side to side, rest for a minute, and then repeat.

-WIDE EYES. Opening your eyes wide can help with the delicate muscles around your eyes. Simply keep your eyes open wide without blinking for five-second intervals, allowing plenty of time to rest in between.

-PUFF THOSE CHEEKS. Puffing cheeks can reduce those laugh lines, so breathe in a little bit of air and swish it around your mouth for about 30 seconds as if you were using a mouthwash. Rest and repeat.

-THE CHEEK STRETCH. This is a common facial yoga move that helps get your jaw muscles working. Using three of your fingers, press down on your cheekbone while trying to smile. Hold for five seconds each, and do three time on each side. The resistance of your fingers is like a weight.Yoga for your face can help keep your face looking young

-RELAX. Known in facial yoga as the Buddha face, this allows you to take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax, all while imagining a point between your eyebrows. Hold this position for one minute, rest and repeat several times. Consider this the cool down part of your facial yoga, where you allow your muscles to return to normal.

Have you ever tried facial yoga? What positions are you curious about?


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