Colors to Make Your Eyes Pop

One of the most beautiful things about our eyes is our eye color, whether it’s brown, blue or any color in between. We all want our eye color to pop and show off our pretty peepers, but what colors are best for you? What works for your gray-eyed friend may not be the friendliest color in order to make your green orbs beautiful.

It’s best to find the colors particularly suited for your eye type. Sometimes it requires some guesswork, as not every eye color is exactly the same. However, there are some basic guidelines that can be followed in order to make sure your eyes shine brightly. Here are the five types of eye colors, and the makeup shades that pair well with them:


Since brown eyes are the most neutral and common eye color, they have the most options color options to really make them pop. Bright colors like blue, purple, gold and greens can all flatter this eye color and make the eye area the focus of your face. If you don’t feel like making the eyes the focus, you can also use a variety of neutrals, from warm browns to even bright white. Be careful about having too dark of an eye shadow, or it may make your eye color fade in comparison to the power of your makeup. hazel eyes look pretty with peachy eye shadow


Stay far away from blue eye shadow — it’ll compete with the glory that is your baby blues. With such a pretty hue of eyes, you don’t want your color to get muted. Cooler eye shadow colors like pinks and grays are best for your eyes to make sure that they stay the center of attention. If you want to try a unique twist on your shadow, oranges and peaches can be fun, they provide a dramatic contrast. You can also opt for neutrals like deep browns and shimmery beiges. Since your eyes are light, you can get away with using darker colors that brown-eyed girls may not be able to, so take advantage of this and do a smoky eye.


Your eye color is one of the rarest — only one or two percent of the human population have your shade of sparkly emerald eyes. use any shade of purple makeup to make green eyes stand Therefore, it may be trickier to find eye shadows to make your eyes stand out than your brown- and blue-eyed sisters. Purple hues, ranging from pale lilac to bright amethyst to deep plum, are always reliable to bring out your earthy greens. But don’t underestimate neutrals either, such as taupe, muted gold and even an olive green if you’re feeling slightly risky. Pinks can also work, but stay away from blues, as they don’t do your features any favors.


You can use colored eye shadows, but be careful when you use them, as you don’t want it to contrast with the cool tone of your eye color and make them look muddy. This eye color looks great highlighted with purples, pinks and blues — cool colors that are sure to make your eyes glisten. Your peepers will also pop with blacks; the contrast between the lightness of your eyes and the black can help set off your eye color. Make sure to avoid gray eye shadows at all cost, or else you may drown out your eye tone.

Brown eyes are versatile- any brights look great on themHAZEL

This combo of green and brown can get away with wearing many different colors that are good for both eye colors. Due to the warmth of this eye color, it’s best to stick with warmer tones like golden brown, olive green, golds, and plums. Feel free to play up the different colored flecks in your eyes with the respective eye color, as each variation of hazel eye is a little different. Some hazel eyes have small flecks of yellow, try looking for a shadow that mirrors this color to bring it out more.

Of course, no matter how gorgeous your eye color your eyes won’t shine without the proper eye regimen. To prevent wrinkles and sagging make sure to treat your eyes with the right basics. Eye creams and concealers can offer you a great base to work off of, making sure your eyes are the focus, not crow’s feet or dark circles.


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