Natural Ingredients of Vine Vera Can Make Your Skin Flawless

Vine Vera cosmetics is known throughout the world for its skin care products, which use natural ingredients without harsh chemicals that could potentially irritate your skin. Our products feature vitamins, minerals, different fruit and plant extract and antioxidants that your skin needs to maintain its optimum health. Using the products daily can help improve your skin’s condition and improve its appearance.

Skincare nowadays is more important than ever, whether it’s for a strong outer appearance or to help keep it healthy against harsh environmental elements and disease-free. A proper skincare regimen gives your skin a healthy and younger-looking appearance, which in turn gives you confidence to face the world. There are researchers who are constantly trying to make new skin care products to make your skin healthier and more radiant, and we at Vine Vera are no exception to his.

Resveratrol- A Vital Component for Skin Care

In the list of natural ingredients for our products, the main component is Resveratrol, which is extracted from the skin of red grapes. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the signs of premature aging of your skin, as well as nutrients that have been scientifically shown to have a positive effect on general health.

Grapes with redish Color

Resveratrol is also a free radical fighter, one of the causes of skin cancer. Our skin is made up of skin cells, which have molecules. In every molecule there are electrons that are constantly moving through your body. Sometimes electrons get excited by external factors and they move outside the cell. As a result, the molecule becomes unbalanced and tends to seek another molecule for an electron. In the entire process of misbalancing, free radicals will generate. Resveratrol helps balance your skin’s molecule balance and help prevent the generation of free radicals in your skin, thus it protect your skin from damage.

Green Tea Can Help to Regenerate Skin Cells

In addition to Resveratrol, many of our Vine Vera cosmetics feature green tea extract. A number of skin disorders can be fought against with the help of green tea, including acne, sun damage and skin cancer.

Green tea extract contain polyphenols, which helps boost DNA repair and helps reduce the chance of skin cancer. The antioxidants present are also helpful to reduce the effects of ultraviolet, or UV, rays on your skin, and as too much sun exposure is a main cause of skin cancer, this preventative measure is vital.

Green tea also has healing characteristics to help repair skin damage and regenerate new skin cells. Our skin cells are constant regenerated, where dead cells are replaced by new ones. While we are young, the cycle continues at a normal pace, but during the aging process, the regeneration process slows down, skin loses its elasticity and can look dull and dry. All these factors can cause it to get damaged easier.

It used to be that acne was only a problem for teenagers, but the truth that any excessive oil can cause blemishes at any age. We have sweat glands on our skin, also known as sebaceous glands. Sometimes these glands are blocked by the excessive generation of oil, which is when acne will generate. Green tea extract has antibacterial properties and thus reduces the chances of getting any bacterial infections. Vine Vera skin care products use green tea extract to combat all these problems, and thus it can be a powerful ally in the fight for beautiful skin.

Vitamins Help to Protect your Skin

There are three main vitamins that help in protecting your skin: vitamins A, C and E. Combined, these three vitamins can do more in helping your skin remain blemish-free, keep it hydrated, remain younger-looking and protect it against damage.

If you have acne-prone skin, Vitamin A can help to prevent and treat acne. This vitamin is helpful to reduce the size of oil-producing glands of your skin, which can help to control excessive oil. In addition to its blemish-fighting powers, Vitamin A is also helpful in keeping your skin hydrated and helps rebuild skin tissues, helping heal wounds or other skin damage. There are also stronger forms of Vitamin A called retinoids that are used frequently to treat serious skin conditions such as psoriasis, which stops the cellular growth of your skin.

Vitamins are essencialAs you continue to age, you tend to lose collagen in your skin, which is a protein essential to protect the structure of your skin. Without the presence of collagen, wrinkles can appear in your skin that makes your skin look dull and dry. In addition to its brightening properties, Vitamin C also stimulates the cells that can produce more collagen, which can make your skin look younger overall.

In addition to its protection against UV rays that can cause premature aging, Vitamin E acts as a booster for the two other vitamins to enhance their productivity. Retinol, which is essential to keep your skin moist and is one of the chemical components of Vitamin A, generates strongly with the help of Vitamin E. Vitamin E also helps prevent sun damage by partnering with Vitamin C to keep skin’s structure.

Advantages of Orange Peel for Skin Care

For the ultimate source of Vitamin C, Vine Vera uses orange peel extracts to its various products. Vitamin C is responsible to produce the collagen that makes you look younger. Citrus fruits like orange are very helpful in fighting skin problems, ranging from elasticity to acne.

Natural ingredients can be very useful in making your skin clear and healthy. That is why Vine Vera are getting even more popular day by day, as it is natural and at the same time effective for protecting your skin from many kinds of skin problems.



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