Skin Damage You Do Not Even Know is Happening

Unknown skin damage - Vine Vera Skin Care

Your skin is the body’s outermost protection. As such, it takes a daily beating from a number of factors. Outside elements and even processes happening inside your own body can cause damage to your skin. Learning about the skin damage you do not even know is happening will help you to keep your skin looking healthy throughout your life, and Vine Vera Skin Care can help.

Chemicals are generally a bad idea, so it is amazing how many people do not properly cleanse their skin after going for a dip in a highly chlorinated pool. A typical shower is not enough to remove the chlorine that clings to your skin and causes reactions with topical medications, cleansers, and lotions. To thoroughly remove chlorine from the skin, use a sudsy soap or body wash after each trip to the pool.

Your morning brew could be causing your skin to wrinkle prematurely. Caffeine is a major proponent in causing wrinkles, so that cup of coffee is not doing your skin any favors. Drink water instead to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Vine Vera suggests adding fruit slices to jazz up your morning beverage.

Reaching that goal weight may be top on your priority list, but do not skip meals in order to make it. Skipping meals not only inhibits weight loss, but is is also bad for your skin. When you skip a meal it can cause your skin to dry out and age faster. Instead, eat low calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins essential to your skin’s health.

How to protect your skin from unknown sources - Vine Vera

If you love talking on the phone or if your job requires it, then beware. Lots of time spent on the phone can cause rashes and breakouts along the jawline. This is because bacteria on your phone is in close contact with your skin. Make sure to wipe your phone down frequently with antibacterial wipes to prevent this problem.

These are just a few of the hundreds of things we encounter every day that can cause skin problems. Keeping skin healthy means sticking to a cleansing and moisturizing routine while avoiding some of the major problem causers. When you keep your skin healthy, you will keep it looking beautiful. You can also see Natural Beauty Tips & Secrets From Vine Vera Skin Care for more helpful tips and information.


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