Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining

Entertaining for the holiday season doesn’t have to be difficult or time constraining in terms of coming up with a game plan. There are lots of things that you can do to create a fun, special time for all of your guests without going overboard. Sometimes, simple is best.

If you are hosting a Holiday event in your home and need a few good ideas as to what you should do, or how to go about it, Vine Vera has got some great tips in which you can implement into your Holiday gathering, for a great experience for both yourself, and all of your guests.

Holiday entertaining - appetizers

Hors D’oeurves

Setting the scene with a simple tray or two of hors d’oeurves is a great way to liven up the party and get people to interact with one another. It will also be a great conversation starter when you set out some great food and people appreciate it, and want to know your recipe.



Having an assortment of seasonal music in a playlist format playing in the background of the room makes for a great party atmosphere. It livens up the mood and gives the overall vibe of the room a more comfortable, season appropriate feel. And after all, every great get together needs some great music to set the mood!

Holiday decor with candles, pinecones, ribbon and sparkling lights in the background


Items such as candles make a fantastic addition to any room or home in which you are hosting a holiday event. They are warm, inviting, and comforting, and they also smell wonderful. Other items which you could include could be season appropriate décor themed for each specific holiday, and you should stick to a specific theme per room.


Party Favors

As is commonplace, giving party favors in fashionable little mesh packages or bags as a token of your appreciation to your guests is a great incentive to those who choose to attend a Holiday gathering. It also gives your guests something to look forward to and savor once the fun is over.



Whether it’s a game of charades or a long game of Monopoly, playing games at Holiday get-togethers is a fun way to keep the guests (adults and children) entertained for a while. Games are fun, and are also known to be ice breakers, which could even introduce you to some interesting conversation and new people.

Holiday table set with beautiful decorative holiday touches

Holiday Meal

Preparing a nice holiday meal is typically the reason for a Holiday gathering, alongside the fellowship and company of family and friends. A Holiday meal is something many people look forward to, and it means a lot to many people. Preparing a couple of menu options so there is something for everyone is a good idea. For instance, you could cook a turkey and also a ham for those who don’t like turkey, or vice versa. Keep in mind the number of guests which will be attending, and be sure to provide enough food for all of your guests. Calling in a catering company could also be a fantastic choice on the Holidays, though availability might be scarce unless you book far enough in advance that a problem won’t arise.


A Great Time for All

By implementing some or even all of these tips and ideas, you will ensure your guests have a wonderful time and you will be able to rest easy knowing you provided a memorable, happy Holiday experience for all.

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Preparing Your Home for Guests

Group of guests celebrating the holidays


Getting your home ready for the holidays and in top-top shape can be a nightmare for those who don’t really know where to begin. With a little guidance and a clear mind, it really isn’t too difficult to get your home ready to entertain. Vine Vera has a few tips to help you get your home ready to entertain and impress all of your holiday guests from family, to friends, to business associates and beyond.


Sprucing Up

Giving your house a quick once-over cleaning will ensure you have no dust bunnies lurking in the corners of the room, or particles of food or other unwanted items on the floor. One of the most important aspects of entertaining guests is to provide a clean, comfortable environment for them to relax in, and that’s why we chose this as the number one tip to provide you with. Be sure to thoroughly clean the areas where the guests will be spending most of their time, if necessary, by tackling the floors, windows, and mirrors, dust the fixtures in the room, and shine any metallic fixtures with polish. Vacuum if you have carpets, or wash the floor if you have hardwood or tile. You can also stick some dishes of potpourri out which pertain to the season – think cinnamon, bakery scents, or evergreen scents, depending on the month. A warm, clean, inviting home is of the greatest importance.


Choosing Decor

When preparing to entertain guests, choosing proper décor to place within each room is also important. Don’t spend precious time focusing on the rooms that nobody will be in such as bedrooms, unless you have guest bedrooms that guests will be staying in, and be sure to tie all of the décor into the same general theme.  For example, if you are decorating for Thanksgiving, tablescapes are beautiful; opt for leaves, pumpkins, berries, and turkey appliques. Also, choose the same general color scheme room to room. Don’t overdo the decorating, as more isn’t always the best course of action, but provide something visually pleasing to the eye that feels warm and inviting.


Have your Menu Prepared

When you have guests, food should always be at the front and center of your mind. Providing small finger foods and Hors D’oeurves is a great way to get the night started, as well as various wines and exclusive beer products. Perhaps ask those attending if they have any preferences for food or drink, and keep a running list. Try to provide appetizers that are pleasing to everyone. When it comes to the main course, you should have at least two – three options available for those who might not particularly care for a specific item. If you aren’t a top chef, opting for catering is another great option. Be sure to do your research on any catering company you choose to show interest in. You should always have the food and drink ready and available before the big day to avoid last minute stress and running around. Perhaps sending out note cards with the menu will allow feedback and input from those attending your dinner. It’s also commonplace to introduce the menu to guests ahead of time.


Don’t Stress – Or Try Not To

There is usually a lot to do when it comes time for the holiday gatherings to begin taking place. Keeping yourself calm is important, to avoid health problems and prevent disasters from happening. Stress never helps anything, and preventing it from occurring as best as you ensures everyone involved will have a great time. This should be a fun time for all – you being no exception. Make the most of the gathering by spending time conversing, laughing, and smiling – after all, you really do deserve it.

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Vine Vera’s Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas – VineVera Reviews

Thanksgiving holiday tablescape with big turkeyThanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. Not only is there food aplenty, but the time spent with family and friends gathered around the table while telling stories and updating each other on daily life builds strong bonds, and memories to last a lifetime. While it’s important to have a beautiful spread of food and desserts, it’s also important to have a tablescape or centerpiece that is just as beautiful as the meal.

Vine Vera would like to help alleviate some of the stress that comes along with planning a big Thanksgiving meal and help you to concoct a beautiful Tablescape that will impress all of your guests.

Pumpkin themed tablescape with several pumpkins spelling out the word thanks

Pumpkin Theme

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween anymore. Adorn your table with a golden tablecloth, golden cloth napkins, and golden cutlery. From there, using a mixture of decorative golden pumpkins and small authentic pumpkins really sets the mood for a festive feast. Try to find some gold rimmed glasses and stemware for an extra pop of gold color to accent the rest of the gold. You could even decorate the stems of the pumpkins with golden ribbon.

Holiday tablescape with veggies as decor

Fruit and Vegetable Theme

Including seasonal fruits and vegetables on your table’s spread could really put the emphasis on the harvest season. Find fruits which are in season such as apples of different colors and set them in wide mouthed candle jars for fun pieces across the table. Add a sprinkle of golden glitter over the top and create something magical. Vegetables places sporadically across the table along with some silk festive plants or leaves could really set the mood as well. Vegetables to look for: Butternut squash, acorn squash, gourds, and Indian corn would create an authentic, beautiful touch. Pair this with a cranberry colored table cloth, and some golden cutlery and stemware for a vibrant pop of color.

Cornucopia  full of veggies and fruits and flowers for a tablescape

Cornucopia Theme

Creating a cornucopia has Thanksgiving written all over it. You could fill your cornucopia with fruits and vegetables overflowing across the table. Place some wheat shafts in tall, thin vases spread in a line down either side of the cornucopia, and rotate with long lit candlesticks for a peaceful touch.

An autumn arrangement of leaves, pumpkins, gourds and nuts.

Autumn Leaves Theme

In many places throughout the US, fall leaves abound around the Thanksgiving holiday. A great tip is to begin collecting beautiful colored leaves early on and save them for a special occasion such as Thanksgiving. You can create a beautiful tablecloth by gluing these vibrantly colored leaves all over a festive colored tablecloth of your choosing, or a lacy tablecloth to give it something extra. Or, you could spread them across the table and set the serving dishes on top of the leaves. Scatter gathered acorns across the table and you have yourself a natural, beautiful fall theme. Leaves and candles work perfectly together. Be sure to use candles of the same color scheme; however, you could vary them in size and rotate along the table.

Creative holiday tablescape with handpicked garden feel including rosemary in the arrangement and a bark  adorned container

Get Creative

Creating a tablescape is all about using your creativity. The fun thing about Thanksgiving is you can actually use pieces from nature which are readily provided to us and showcase their beauty in a new and innovative way that will wow your guests and have them talking. Creating a peaceful setting works well with the theme of giving thanks, and will allow everyone to feel comfortable and at home.

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Touchably Soft Legs for Winter

Winter time is fast approaching, and with it comes snow, holiday shopping, and the unfortunate bout of dry skin. Not to fear, as Vine Vera is here to show you how you can eliminate your dry skin troubles and have touchably soft legs all winter long.

Woman applying moisturizer to her legs form a big tub of lotion

Moisturize Daily

Daily moisturizing is extremely important when it comes to winter skin care. Whether it’s your face, arms, elbows, or legs, ensuring you consistently moisturize your skin on a daily basis will ward off any bouts of dry skin and alleviate any ongoing dry skin issued you may currently be facing. Invest in a good quality skin moisturizer to use all over your body morning and night, and also a good quality moisturizer formulated especially for your face.


Rehydrate from Within

Drinking more water every day will ensure you receive the moisture your body longs for during the cold, dry winter months. The recommended daily value of water intake is 8-12 glasses; however during the winter months, drinking more water will ensure you have healthy, problem free skin throughout the winter.


Pay Special Attention to your Legs

Applying a salve to your legs at night before bed will ensure your skin gets the moisture it deserves throughout the night, and upon waking in the morning you will realize your legs are truly at their best. If you don’t have a salve to use, try using olive oil or coconut oil and applying like a lotion to deep moisturize.

girl shaving legs with shaver - body care concept

Shave with Care

When shaving, be sure to take your time to shave slowly and not rush through it, avoiding razor burn and causing dry, chaffed, or inflamed skin the opportunity to get any worse. Use a moisturizing shave gel, and apply lotion or moisturizing cream directly after your shower or bath while your legs are still damp. This will ensure your legs absorbs the emollients from the cream or lotion, and don’t have a chance to become dry.


Use Lukewarm Water

Although it may be difficult to adjust to, using lukewarm water in your bath or shower is one of the best things you can do to ward off dry skin. This definitely applies to the legs. Legs have a tendency to dry out faster than other parts of your body, due to the fact that this skin is generally more exposed and rubbed against by clothes, chairs, and other materials which can dry the skin out even further. Using lukewarm water helps in terms of not irritating problematic skin.

Vitamin E Caplets In A White Ramekin Dish, Set For Lunch

Vitamin E Supplements

Taking a vitamin E supplement is fantastic for healing, and also for the regeneration of new skin cells. Vitamin E is a major player in the development of new skin cell growth, and also helps to heal from the inside out, providing you with smooth, silky skin in as little as a week’s time.


Touchably Soft Legs All Winter Long

While there are many other aspects to attaining touchably soft legs for the winter, there are many other things you can do to ensure your legs stay smooth and silky all throughout the winter months. Educating yourself through internet research will turn you into a skin care pro on your own in no time. By taking care of your legs, your legs will take care of you.

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Different Types of Masks and their Benefit in Skin Care

Women of all ages are becoming more in tune with and aware of the need to properly care for their facial skin. Most women are happy to splurge on anything that can help their skin look radiant, young, and rejuvenated no matter what the cost. Vine Vera would like to present to you some different types of facial masks, and their benefits in skin care.

Beautician applying a clay mask on beautiful face of young girl

Clay Masks

White clay has long been revered for its ability to draw out toxins and impurities from within the skin, leaving behind smaller pores and a smooth, clean finish. Clay masks are typically thicker in consistency than other types of masks. The mask is applied to the face using your fingertips, and is left to sit for various amounts of time depending on the masks instructions. Normally, they are left to sit and work their magic anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Once hardened, the mask is gently washed away – and with it, away go toxins, makeup residue, pore clogging impurities, and dirt and oil, leaving behind a face to be envied. These masks may be used 1-2 times per week. If you have dry skin, refrain from using them more than once per week to keep inflammation of the skin down.


Glycolic Facial Masks

These types of masks are known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliate dead skin cells, and reduce redness in the skin. Some brands offer products which are suitable for sensitive skin, while others are not. These masks are great for those who have acne prone skin, or facial scarring due to acne. They help the skin to have a more even tone, and appear healthier. They are also good for those who use cosmetic products daily to clarify the skin. These are applied to the face with the fingertips, and are rinsed away after the allotted sit time. This type of mask is typically thin in texture. These types of masks can be applied once a week.

Woman getting mud mask applied to her face by eathestician

Mud Masks

Much like the title says, mud masks have been used for many centuries to cleanse impurities from the skin, and also provide healing to problematic skin. Many of these types of masks also contain activated charcoal, which is an added benefit to the clarifying process. These masks help the skin to become healthy, and rid the sufferer of their skin dilemmas. They also have the ability to brighten and soften skin. They are typically a thick type of mask, one that requires rinsing for a few minutes to remove completely. Mud masks are a great choice even for those with sensitive skin.


Peel Off Mask

Peel off masks are a favorite among women due to the fact that they can actually feel the impurities and dead skin being pulled away from the skin during the peeling process. The tightening feeling of the mask is also enjoyable for most women as well. There are many different types of facial peel off masks which perform various duties and which have different skin care benefits. One of the most popular is cucumber infused which provides a calming, cooling feeling to the skin and offers rejuvenation and removal of toxins and impurities. Experiment with the various types to find your favorite – or you could even make your own.

Woman receiving a luxurious facial mask treatment

Treat Your Skin to Luxury

No matter what type of facial mask you choose to use, your skin will appear fresher, healthier, softer and more radiant than before with the use of one of these products. What type of mask is your favorite, and why? Sound off in a comment below.

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Vine Vera on How to Enrich Your Life with Photography

Young woman with professional  digital camera taking photographsA number of youngsters from all walks of life have begun to take up photography as a major hobby during their spare time. Vine Vera has discovered that photography isn’t just about movies and glorious careers. It is also about an emerging trend to find creative ways to engage one’s self during their free time. In fact, Vine Vera Skincare believes that the creativity which comes along with photography is one of the main reasons why people are taking to the lens every time they get a chance to spend some free time with the camera. 

Most people pick  up a camera at a very basic age, irrespective of how simple that camera might have been. And like all photography enthusiasts, anyone who is interested in photography keeps snapping and recording those little moments of their everyday lives. As one begins to grow older, the camera adventures become more about activities, events, the surrounding environment and friends. Finally, when one gets married and has kids, the interest changes towards preserving and storing those precious moments as a family. 

Apart from filling up a personal void in most people, photography also offers people with an opportunity to explore their senses, earn part time income, experience unique things and look at them differently – things that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for photography. 

Using a smart to take photos during the evening on a light up streetWhat makes the concept of photography even more exciting is that the ability to preserve moments for time eternal without interpretations and words is an attraction that very few can manage to resist. This article from Vine Vera tries to help you explore the various ways in which you can enrich your life with photography. 

Explore the world without any distraction

Switch off your TV, shut down your PC and go for a walk. A walk with photography to accompany you is something that you would really look forward to. It offers you with a myriad of photo taking opportunities and you can be content with doing it once every week. The secret is to ensure that you don’t set high standards. Your primary goal should be to walk and see the world around you. Your secondary goal should be to click pictures.

Get inspired by beautiful pictures and make life changing decisions

Photography isn’t only about clicking beautiful pictures. It is also about checking out beautiful clicks taken by others. All you need to do is open your favorite travel magazine and you would find all sorts of beautiful clicks which have been taken by others. These magazines include some pictures that can simply blow you away. Get inspired by these pictures and make that life changing decision to travel to the destination depicted in the photo.

Do things that make you uncomfortable

Stand on the edge of a cliff and click the vistas below. You’re never sure if it’s the awe of the breathtaking natural beauty that takes your breath away or your fear of heights. But, the moment you capture that image on film is going to completely change your life. It shall remind you to brace yourself for difficult decisions and help you to find inspiration when there is none.

Appreciate the fact that you’re blessed

Most of us always have a problem with who we are, what we have and what we do. That is, until we take up photography. Photography gives you access to various people and situations and shows you more about life. It is an ideal way to get to know strangers, learn their story and discover their problems. This might just help you become more compassionate and appreciate how blessed you really are.

Experience the different seasons to their fullest

They say that one of the best ways to explore and experience the various seasons offered to us by Mother Nature is to look at the changing seasons with your camera. Your camera can make you experience the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons and capture their beauty in a way that you have never seen before.

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Vine Vera Reviews the Stylish Body Art Trends to Fall Back On

Woman sporting water color beauty marks

The Fall season is here to entertain us with cooler temperatures and natural beauty, and it is only fitting that we add to the breathtaking beauty by taking a peek at these stylish body art trends and choosing one that fits our style the best. And that’s not the only advantage of sporting these stylish body art trends. Vine Vera noticed people all over the fashion industry – from celebrities to models – sporting these body art trends here, there and everywhere. So, Vine Vera advises its customers to grab the latest trends with both hands before they’re too late.

Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos offer you with glints of gold and silver. The biggest advantage that flash tattoos have to offer isn’t that they’re temporary tattoos. The biggest advantage that they have to offer is that they’re almost like jewelry for your skin. And if you’re following major celebrities like Beyonce, you’d know that even they are taken in by this hot new trend. Flash tattoos are usually sold in packs of four and they offer you with all sorts of styles to choose from. The perfect treat for your body when you want to look really exotic.

3D Tattoos

3D Tattoos are another trend that has taken the world by the storm. From all sorts of grotesque images that one can possibly dream of to beautiful scenes, people can now sport almost everything under the sun on their skin. This tattoo uses a special ink which can create realistic shadows and provide you with amazing attention to details. The designs employed by 3D tattoos are usually simple, but the level of detailing makes them look stunning.

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are very similar to the flash tattoo concept. These tattoos basically offer you with a variety of shiny gems that come in all sorts of options. You can draw out the perfect tattoo rings, statement designs or bracelets using shimmer jewelry tattoos. The advantage of buying shimmer jewelry tattoos is that you get a bunch of them in a single pack.

Mr. Kate Beauty Marks

Mr. Kate Beauty Marks is a trend that might seem to be childish, but it is strictly for adults. You can now use mix and match all sorts of water color designs and the faux ink helps you to change your look whenever you’re tired of the current one. 


If you’re in love with that tattly look, but are scared of a permanent commitment, the temporary tats that have recently entered the world of body art offer you with an ideal alternative. These tats are created by professional artists and they actually look like the real deal. The best part? No needles needed! A heads up for all of you suffering from sensitive skin – these tattoos are non-toxic.


Freckles made a huge introduction on runways across the world over the past couple of seasons. There was a time when you had to be lucky enough to have cute looking freckles, but now everyone can sport them for a short period of time, thanks to a freckle pencil that helps you draw those trendy spots. And you don’t have to worry about losing your flawless skin either.

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