Basic Skin Care Tips

Touching a basic skin care routineUnderstanding the kind of products that work best for your skin, how they help you to benefit your skin and the order in which these products should be used is very important for those looking to have a decent skin care routine. This skin care routine guide helps you to understand the different factors that should influence your skin care routine and how to customize a typical routine to make it suit your own needs and requirements.

What you need

We have compiled this guide to help you understand how different skin care products work on your skin, when they should be applied and the kind of results that they offer. There are a number of skin care products that are usually designed to treat multiple issues. Moreover, certain products also contain power-packed ingredients like Resveratrol, retinol, Vitamin C, etc. These ingredients work wonders in the human body and help to prevent aging, among other things. There are two types of routines that you can follow – the first one is a basic skin care routine that can mostly be used for maintenance and prevention of skin care problems. The second routine is an advanced skin care routine that is usually used by people suffering from skin care issues such as dry skin, oily skin, acne, breakouts, wrinkles, etc.



Cleanser – Morning and Night – For all types of skin

A gentle and water soluble cleanser is the most basic ingredient in a skin care routine. This helps you to get rid of the dirt, germ, oil and debris buildup from your face. Rinsing your face with water is never enough. And you can’t use those body soaps on your face because the skin on your face is much more sensitive. By using a cleanser to clean your face, you allow your skin care products to become more effective as well. Another advantage of using a cleanser is that it usually leaves your skin looking healthier and smoother.

Toner – Morning and Night – For all types of skin

Toners are well formulated products that help in calming and softening the skin. They also remove all traces of your makeup and consist of skin repairing ingredients that are so essential to the cleansing process. Toners are mostly defined by their ingredients. The ones that contain healthy and powerful ingredients help you to hydrate your skin surface and replenish the moisture content of your skin. Another advantage of using toners is that they reduce dry patches and redness and also make your pores smaller (very important for oily skin). A toner should ideally be used right after cleansing.

Exfoliator – 3 to 5 Times a Week – For all types of skin

Exfoliants help in removing the dead cell and germ build-up from the outermost layers of your skin. The damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun make the outermost layers of your skin abnormally thick. This becomes worse because of oily skin and acne. Exfoliating regularly (frequency depends on type of skin) helps you to get rid of this build-up, unclog your pores, even out your skin tone, remove dullness and eliminate wrinkles. Blackheads, acne, redness and breakouts can also be reduced/ prevented with regular exfoliation. Look for ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs. AHAs help to exfoliate the surface of your skin whereas BHAs also work their magic on inside your pores.

Acne Treatments – Night – Only if it is needed

The next step of your skin care routine is to use treat your specific skin care concerns. One of the most common issues that people suffer from is acne. An effective acne treatment helps you to kill the acne causing bacteria with the help of benzoyl peroxide. This also helps in reducing redness and getting clear skin. Another advantage offered by these treatments is lesser breakouts.

Skin Lightening Treatment – Night – Only if it is needed

Skin lightening treatments can help you reduce and eliminate discolorations and brown spots from your skin. You need to use skin lightening products to control and reduce the production of melanin, the pigment in your skin which causes these discolorations and brown spots. You need to use a skin lightening product daily for about 8 – 12 weeks to see a visible difference in your skin spots and discolorations. This should also help you to even out your skin tone and make you look more radiant.

Anti-Aging Treatment – Night – Once you enter your 30s

Anti-aging treatments contain special serums that are full of antioxidants and other proven anti-aging ingredients which help you to protect your skin from the damage caused by free radicals and prevent sun damage. These treatments can boost your collagen and elastin production, therefore making you look younger and healthier. Over time, you can expect your fine lines and wrinkles to diminish and you can further delay  the signs of aging.

Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Sunscreen – Morning – For all types of skin

Using an anti-aging moisturizer that also offers you with sun protection is a must in the mornings. Most people make the mistake of using basic sunscreen lotions. However, if you skip those lotions and instead opt for one that also offers you anti-aging benefits, you could kill two birds with one stone. There are a number of anti-aging moisturizers that are packed with antioxidants and also act as broad spectrum sunscreen that offers SPF 30 sun protection. This not only helps you to protect your skin from sun damage, but also helps you to prevent and eliminate skin spots, wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.

Anti-aging Moisturizer – Night – For all types of skin

Most people make the mistake of using the same moisturizer for their morning as well as evening skin care routines. However, you don’t need sun protection at night. What you need is a moisturizer that concentrates more on retaining the moisture content and hydrating your skin. Therefore, you should choose a specialized anti-aging moisturizer for your evening skin care. This moisturizer should contain powerful ingredients such as Retinol, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, etc. as they can work wonders in terms of making your skin look healthier and younger.


You can tweak this skin care routine to suit your own needs and preferences. Some people are known to prefer a simple skin care routine that contains cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Others are known to follow an advanced skin care routine that also helps them to address a variety of concerns. This routine usually involves cleansing, toning, exfoliating, skin treatments and moisturizers.

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Twin Studies Try to Explain Aging

Side-by-side aging portraitsDo you really believe that you have control of your facial aging process? A recent study certainly seems to think so. The findings of this study were published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, a medical journal published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This study was conducted on identical twins to determine how environmental factors and life experiences had an effect on the rate of aging. Researchers studied the lifestyles of 200 odd sets of identical twins who attended the Twin Festival in Ohio. All test subjects used in the study were females.

According to Dr. Bagman Guyuron, the chairman of the plastic surgery department at the Case Western Reserve University, the research proved to be extremely useful in studying aging because twins are supposed to age in identical ways.

Dr. Guyuron also stated that by studying the twins, researchers were able to study perceived differences in how lifestyles and the environment influenced their aging. The main aims of the study, according to Guyuron, was to determine what factors caused an acceleration in aging and what factors could be controlled to prevent accelerated aging. Another question that needed to be answered was whether the process of aging could be slowed down by changing behavioral patterns.

The study used sets of still photographs and asked an independent panel to rate the appearance of each twin as to whether one looked older than the other. The study determined that there were a number of factors such as smoking and sun exposure that actually made one of the twins look older. Upon further examination, it was determined that about 10 years of smoking could make the one twin look 2.5 years older than the other. Exposure to the sun, particularly among twins who were into golf, also accelerated the aging process.

Finally, stress also appeared to be a major factor in accelerating aging. Those who were divorced seemed to look approximately 2 years older than those who were happily married or widowed. The use of antidepressants was also associated with aging. Firstly, depression itself leads to accelerated aging. Secondly, researchers believe that it is possible for antidepressants to relax the facial muscles in a way that increased the overall signs of aging, thereby making matters even worse.

It was also surprising to note a direct relation between body weight and facial aging. Generally, men having heavier body weight before the age of 40 were directly associated older looks. On the other hand, the study showed that women with a heavier body mass index seemed to be younger than their thinner sisters. Dr. Guyuron believes that excessive weight loss before the age of 40 can be quite detrimental to the overall attractiveness and youthfulness of a person, a fact that was clearly proved by comparing the twins in this study.

Encouraged by the success of the study, Dr. Guyuron plans to conduct further studies using male twin sets in order to determine the factors that influence facial aging for men.

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Sugar and Wrinkles – What’s the Connection?

Woman eating sugar cubes from a spoonSlimmer waistlines have done wonders in curbing the desires for sugar for many ladies. But if the lure of slimmer waistlines hasn’t managed to sway you, the joy of better looking skin definitely will. According to experts, those who have too much sugar in their diets suffer from dull and wrinkled skin. What makes sugar so dangerous to the skin is a process known as glycation. Glycation makes the sugar in your bloodstream attach itself to the proteins and form new substances known as AGEs. Therefore, the more sugar one eats, the more AGEs they develop.

According to Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist in New York City, the accumulation of AGEs damages proteins lying adjacent to them like dominos. And the ones that are the most vulnerable to this damage are collagen and elastin, two proteins that are essential to skin care because they help in keeping the skin firm and elastic. Once these two proteins have been damaged, they become brittle and dry, thereby leading to sagging and wrinkles. In fact, a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology stated that anyone with a sweet tooth can expect to age quite rapidly after the age of 35.

Furthermore, a diet that contains too much of sugar also affects the type of collagen that a person has. Dr. Brandt states that this is another factor that determines how resistant the skin is to wrinkling. Some of the most commonly found collagen proteins are Type I, II and III, with all three proteins being extremely stable. However, the excessive sugar turns Type III proteins into a type I protein, something that is not as strong as it should be.

As a result, the skin begins to look less supple than before. What makes it worse is that AGEs deactivate the natural antioxidant enzymes in the body, thereby leaving it susceptible to damage from the sun, the main reason behind skin aging. If you’re still not convinced of the ill effects of sugar, all you need to do is have a conversation with someone who is diabetic. All such people suffer from high blood sugar that usually goes undetected for years. And they mostly show early signs of skin aging as well.

The good news? It’s never too late. The best way to build up on your diminished collagen levels is to use retinol based products. This helps you to minimize the damage that is caused to your skin by sugar and ensure that your skin remains supple and also allows you to prevent more AGEs from forming. Here are some of the best ways of ensuring that your skin remains young, supple and healthy.

Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen that offers SPF 30 protection every single day.

Make sure that you never ditch your sunscreen lotions, irrespective of whether its raining, its cloudy, its wintertime or its the peak summers. Irrespective of the climatic conditions, the harmful UV rays always manage to reach your body. Therefore, you should ensure that you keep your skin protected accordingly.

Add 1mg of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 to your diets on a daily basis

According to Dr. David J. Goldberg, a dermatologist based in New York City, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 act as extremely potent AGE inhibitors. He states that even though B1 and B6 are easily found in food, it always helps to  add them as multivitamins.

Use products that protect your skin from sugar

There are a number of compounds such as alistin and aminoguanidine that are known to inhibit AGEs. Experts believe that Alistin acts as a decoy and gets damaged before the AGEs can end up damaging your proteins. Similarly, Aminoguanidine attach themselves to the molecules which begin the glycation process and stops them from binding t elastin and collagen.

Reduce your sweet intake

The best way to prevent damage from sugar is to regulate your sugar intake to acceptable levels. Even though it is impossible to eliminate sugar from your diets, you can always regulate its intake to a level that is acceptable to your body. It always helps to ensure that the sugar is not more than 10% of the total number of calories you consume. Don’t forget to watch out for sugar in your prepared foods as well. Some food items can contain hefty amounts of sugar under alien names such as dextrose, maple syrup, turbinado, fruit juice concentrate, barley malt, maltose, etc. Furthermore, a single 12 ounce of Coca-Cola has enough sugar to match the total amount of sugar that an average woman should be consuming in a single day (about 160 calorie/ 10 teaspoons of added sugar). You should also avoid corn syrups with high fructose levels. These sweeteners simply change the sugar found in cornstarch into fructose, another form of sugar. Moreover, they  are also known to produce more AGEs than other types of sugar. However, since the product enhances the shelf life of foods and is cheaper to produce, it is commonly used in flavored drinks, soda, packaged foods and snacks. Always make sure that you check the ingredient list before purchasing any product. It can do wonders in terms of protecting your skin.

Take care of antioxidants

Antioxidants are extremely important compounds as they form the first line of defense against the free radicals. They also prevent sugar molecules to attach themselves to your proteins. Therefore, you need to ensure that you eat antioxidant rich food items such as cranberries, fruits, red bell peppers, green tea and walnuts. You can also supplement your food intake with topical applications of antioxidants. There are a number of skin care products that contain Vitamins C and E and green tea extracts. Dr.  Goldberg believes that the best way to ensure that these antioxidants reach the dermal layers of your skin, i.e., the layer where all your elastin and collagen proteins are located, is by way of topical application of antioxidants.

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Smoking and Wrinkles

Woman smoking - shows effects on skinThe damage to your skin that is caused by smoking might seem irrelevant when compared to the damage it causes to your lungs, but your skin is the usually the first place to show the damage that smoking causes. Smoking has become common all over the world, particularly among the younger generation. As a result, experts continuously find women in their early 30s asking them for advice on how to negate the ravaged complexion that smoking has given to them. The simplest solution for all such men and women? Stop Smoking.

The good news for smokers is that if you do manage to give up smoking, your skin shall automatically start to repair and heal itself. However, if you don’t give up your habit and continue smoking, your problems shall become irreversible once you grow old. Smoking is a habit that affects your entire body by putting it under stress using a combination of cyanide, tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals.

The presence of nicotine reduces the flow of the blood to the dermis and this results in a lesser amount of oxygen being delivered to the skin. The lack of oxygen makes the skin sallow and it also affects the quality and quantity of cell production, which ultimately leads to dry and flaky skin.

Furthermore, the skin begins to sag over time and the wrinkles become all the more obvious due to the fact that the skin cannot produce collagen effectively. To make things worse, smoking also saps up Vitamin C from the body – a major component required to produce collagen. This in turn, disturbs the production of the metalloproteinase enzyme, an enzyme responsible for regulating the collagen production. However, in the case of smokers, the enzyme ends up damaging more tissue than it creates. This leads to more fine lines and less plump looking skin.

When you puff a cigarette, you also place your skin under duress. This commonly leads to crow’s feet, puckered lips and hollow cheeks. Even if these effects are not obviously visible, you may still have damaged your skin and would not know it because it can take as many as 25 years for the signs of damage to show.

Now that you’ve understood how damaging smoking can be for your skin, would you like to learn about how to negate and reverse the damage?

The moment you stop smoking, your skin begins to heal itself and the presence of more oxygen in your body makes your cells function better. This should help you prevent any more damage from smoking. However, if wish to negate or reverse the damage that has already been caused to your skin, you need to follow a strict skin care routine.

First of all, a broad spectrum sunscreen that offers an SPF of 30 is a must. Secondly, you should empower yourself with face creams that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  It is also advocated that you add lycopene supplements and fish oil supplements that contain high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. The lycopene should help you to reverse skin damage and the fish oil should dampen inflammation, aid in moisture retention and promote overall healing for your skin. Finally, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin two times every week, regulate your diet, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and exercise for about 30 minutes each day.

You will not believe the wonders that this routine can do for your damaged skin until you try it out. This works for those who have been chain smoking for a really long time as well.

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Mix and Match Products for Awesome Hair

Woman choosing hair productsYou always buy a hair styling product in the hopes that the moment you put it on your hair, your world shall change and you will finally be able to get rid of your unruly, flat or frizzy hair. However, a single product is never going to cut it when it comes to your hair. Since the texture and color for every woman is different, the product routine needs to be altered from case to case. Having beautiful looking hair is all about managing to assemble the perfect pairing for your tones and your textures. Actually, getting beautiful looking hair is quite similar to getting that perfect smokey eye look. You need several shades of gray to get the perfect smokey eye look. Similarly, you need different types of sprays, serums and conditioners when it comes to having the perfect finish for your hair. Here are some of the best mix and match products for awesome hair.

Heat Protectants and Argan Oil – To get the perfect shine

Heat protectants are very important when it comes to preventing damage on your blow dried hair. However, a protectant will not always give you the shine you want. In order to get shiny looking hair, you need to pair a protectant with some argan oil. Start the process by spraying the protectant all over your hair and then apply some oil on your hair by putting it on your palms and running them through your hair. This helps to make the hair smoother and shinier and also gives you a frizz free look.

Volumizing Spray and Straightening Balm – Best for those with curly hair wanting to get a beautiful blowout

Volumizing sprays are an ideal solution for those looking to create some body and volume to their hair. However, when it comes to curly hair, you still need something more to get a smooth blowout. The best solution is to use some straightening balms that help you get the perfect finish. Start off by spraying volumizing spray on your hair. The next step involves putting some straightening balm on your hair and spreading it right from your tips to your roots. The sleek shape is likely to be good enough to leave you spellbound.

Volumizing Spray and Detangler – For those wanting some natural volume

Volumizing sprays are the best when it comes to adding volume to your hair, but you would also want them to have some movement. That is why a detangler is so important. It helps you to bring out the natural texture of your hair without weighing down the hair. The best way to combine both is to spray detangler all over the hair. Once this is done, you can apply the volumizing spray to your roots and run a blow dryer through your hair.

Dry Shampoo and Hairspray – For those with oily hair wanting to get fuller and fresher strands

Dry shampoo is your go to product if you’re suffering from oily hair. You can carry it with you all over the place and it offers you with an instant fix to those messy looking strands. A dry shampoo can also be used to get fuller and fresher strands when used with a hair spray. Start off by spraying some dry shampoo on your hair. Then apply the hair spray and flip your head upside down for a while to ensure that you get more movement and texture.

Volumizing Hairspray and Styling Wax – For those wanting soft and touchable waves

Getting soft and touchable waves doesn’t require hours of handiwork. All you need to do is apply some volumizing hair spray and combine it with styling wax. This should help you to get soft and touchable waves within minutes. This solution is an ideal option for those with fine, limp or frizzy hair. Make sure that you work on 1-inch sections at a time. Start off by spraying the volumizing hair spray on the back of your hair and blow it dry. Then dip your finger in some styling wax and apply it to the ends of your hair as well as to flyaways. If you’re looking for a firmer hold, you need to apply the wax before blow drying.

Leave In Conditioners and Styling Wax – For those with frizzy hair wanting to create beachy waves

If you have thick and frizzy hair and you’re looking to create a beachy wave look, you need to combine leave in conditioners with styling wax. The problem is that your hair tends to become puffy, particularly when there is a lot of humidity. Therefore, using this combination of products can help you to get frizz free beachy waves. Start off by applying the leave in conditioner on wet hair and running a comb through it. Then allow your hair to dry before applying a bit of wax on your dry hair.

Anti Frizz Shine Serum  and Leave In Conditioners – For those wanting tight and glossy ringlets

Ever fell in love with that coiled and shiny look that your wet hair sports? Unfortunately, leaving your hair wet isn’t an option. But, what you can do is recreate the same look using some leave in conditioner and anti frizz shine serum. The secret of getting this look is to start off slowly and work on your hair layer by layer. Use your fingers to apply both products on your hair.


In the end, getting perfect looking hair is all about mixing and matching different techniques, blending and balancing your products and choosing the option that is the best for the type of hair you have and the look you want.



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Tackle Mixed Prints

Mixing prints is not easy. It is an art, an entire thought process in itself that requires you to have some sort of idea of what to look for and a basic idea of the fashion industry. Mixing prints correctly can help you create an exquisite outfit that easily becomes the center of attraction. However, getting your execution wrong can make you look pathetic and out of place. So before you move on to mixing prints, here are a few tips and ideas that are worth exploring.

Model going down runway in mixed printsIf you’re not comfortable with mixing patterns, you can simply mix a single print in two different colors. There’s no need for you to mix and match florals and plaids and other complicated pairings if the idea doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Remember, the main reasoning behind mixing your prints is to look cool, not uncomfortable. So make sure that you never go beyond your comfort levels when it comes to mixing prints.

Florals, geo-patterns, polka dots, stripes – it’s very difficult to understand what goes well with what. One of the best ways to understand the art of mixing prints is to check out ideas in online blogs and magazines. There are a number of experts who showcase their styles and collections of how to mix prints. By checking out their collections and understanding what they have to say, you can actually create masterpieces for yourself.

Model walking runway at fashion week; Mara Hoffman mixed printsIt also helps to keep the rest of the outfit neutral when mixing prints. For example, a pair of jeans or a solid blouse can prove to be excellent options for anchors. This allows you to mix your shirts with checks that are proportionately sized. The solid and neutral looking outfit makes your mixes stand out, thereby boosting your overall appearance.

One of the best options is to mix polka dots with black and white minis and pair them with a bold blazer. Another solution is to sport a casual look by mixing a blue colored plaid shirt over your red one. The reasons behind the wonderful look in both these cases? Similar prints and colors that complement each other.

Model in mixed prints going down the runwayAnother mixing worth trying is to mix two prints with subtly different hues. Use a darker tone for the belt. This helps to break up the patterns and define your waist. Finally, add some jewelry and a neutral colored bag to complete your look.

If you’re not a fan of simplicity, you could take a few tips from Diane Kruger. Diane recently sported a unique look which might have seemed to be risky at the time, but transformed into a brilliant move. She sported a look that consisted of multiple patterns which did not fall in the same color combination. The secret behind pulling it off? The polka dots on her top complemented the polka dots on her skirt. Moreover, by wearing a toned down print, she also managed to choose a more imaginative color for her top.

Remember, mixing the prints shouldn’t be forced. They should always be impulsive and enjoyable. The moment you stop having fun while mixing prints, take a break. Stop mixing them until you feel confident of being able to do so once more.

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Indulge: Best Hotels in Singapore

Marina Sands Hotel view from the pool of downtown SingaporeNonexistent traffic jams, graffiti free streets, rich cultural attractions, neat and clean looks and mouth watering food. Definitely sounds like one of the many Western powerhouses. But, we’re actually talking about Singapore here. Singapore, one of the greatest cities and unlike any other city in Asia, is full of luxurious delights, picturesque wonders and breathtaking beauty. Ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore never ceases to amaze the travelers with its multicultural society and cultural delights. The hotels and resorts of Singapore also play a huge role in maintaining its status as a tourist mecca. The city state is full of all sorts of hotels that come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a list of some of the very best hotels in the city.

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is considered to be the leading business, entertainment and leisure destination of Southeast Asia. It boasts of 2561 rooms and suites, a museum, the best shopping mall in Asia, award winning restaurants, a casino, an outdoor event plaza, conference and exhibition facilities, celebrity chefs and theatres that feature classic hits like The Lion King. The main charm of the Marina Bay Sands is its picturesque 150m infinity swimming pool and the gravity defying Sands SkyPark that is located at a height of 200m above the city.

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton  Millenia is a 608 roomed hotel that boasts of offering unobstructed views of the picturesque Marina Bay. The hotel features world class dining and a luxurious spa. Being located in the heart of Marina Centre, the hotel also lies within walking distance to the popular Integrated Resort. Each of the 609 luxuriously appointed guestrooms at the hotel consist of a wide range of amenities such as 46” LED TVs, WiFi and beautifully  decorated bathrooms. The hotel also consists of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, whirlpools, fitness center, business center and golf.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

The Raffles Hotel ranks among the most luxurious hotels in Singapore. It has been serving guests for more than 125 years and its property has also been marked as a national monument. The hotel is located at a 5 minutes walk from the City Hall MRT and the Raffles City Center. It features antique furnishings, spacious interiors, luxurious guest rooms and fine dining. Each room and suite at the Raffles Hotel offers a private balcony, WiFi, cable TV, separate dining, bedroom and dressing areas and luxurious amenities. Other facilities offered by the Raffles Hotel include an outdoor swimming pool, 24 hour butler service, a Victorian era theatre, a personal museum and a state of the art fitness center.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel

The Fullerton Bay Hotel joined the hotel industry of Singapore in the year 2010 and has been ranked as one of the best hotels in Singapore ever since. It offers guests with rooms and suites that consist of beautiful views of the Clifford Pier, Merlion Park or the Customs House and a balcony or a sun deck. The Bay-View rooms at the hotel also offer beautiful terraces that are an ideal way of checking out the delightful Marina Bay Sands across the waters. Private Jacuzzis are also offered in the Premier Bay-View rooms. The hotel is most famous for its 25m rooftop pool, beautiful decors and a pleasant atmosphere.

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Any list of the top hotels in Singapore is never complete without mentioning The Conrad Centennial Singapore. The hotel  is located quite close to the liveliest  and busiest districts of Singapore. It is an ideal stop for business and holiday travelers and offers 509 beautifully furnished guest rooms that are known for their panoramic views, luxurious amenities and personalized services. The hotel also offers state of the art AV  equipment, a grand ballroom that can host up to 500 people, meeting  and event space, high speed WiFi, theatre style function rooms, business center and child care services.

Singapore Marriott Hotel

After undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation, the Singapore Marriott Hotel has transformed into one of the best 5 star hotels in the city, both from the outside and the inside. Each guest room has been smartly redesigned and equipped with state of the art amenities such as signature Eames Desk Chairs, Full-HD Smart TVs, walk-in rain showers and extended vanity areas. The hotel is also home to award winning restaurants such as the Marriott Cafe and Wan Hao as well as a luxurious spa, fitness center, business center and outdoor swimming pools. The hotel is completely smoke-free and it is linked to 4 major shopping malls in the city via the Underpass.

Four Seasons Singapore

The Four Seasons Singapore is a beautiful garden enclave located extremely close to Orchard Road. Each and every inch within the hotel offers intimate and exclusive surroundings, a peaceful atmosphere and luxurious decors. The hotel is home to more than 1500 pieces of Asian art, spacious rooms, high ceilings and picture windows. Each of the 255 rooms and suites at the hotel has been decorated with soothing earth tone furnishings, contemporary elegance, 21st century luxuries and all modern amenities. Moreover, the service at the Four Seasons Singapore is also considered to be among the best in the city.

Grand Hyatt, Singapore

The Grand Hyatt, Singapore is considered to be an oasis for leisure and business travelers alike. It boasts of a brand new wellness center named Damai which stretches over 78000 sq. ft. and includes facilities such as fitness centers, badminton courts, tennis courts, spa and an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel is located at a distance of 10 minutes from popular attractions such as Clarke Quay and the Suntec Convention Centre. Each of its 677 rooms also consist of flatscreen TVs, laptop safe, WiFi, luxurious bathrooms and toiletries and goose down pillows.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

The Mandarin Oriental is located in the heart of Marina Bay and is popular as one of the best hotels close to the Central Business District. Each of the 527 stylishly appointed guest rooms offers marvelous views of the city, the Ocean or the picturesque harbor. Some of the main amenities at the hotel include WiFi, surround sound systems, tea and coffee makers and bathtubs. All rooms also feature floor to ceiling windows that treat guests to tantalizing views. Other facilities at the hotel include a 25m outdoor pool, a luxurious spa, fitness center, child care services, business center and fine dining.

Shagri-La Hotel Singapore

The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is an oasis of green located right next to the Orchard Road shopping district. The Shangri-La boasts of offering a tranquil resort setting and has consistently been ranked as one of the top hotels in Asia. The hotel offers 750 rooms and suites in three wings – the Tower Wing, the Garden Wing and the beautiful Valley Wing. Some of the main features at the hotel include free-form swimming pools, delightful gardens that house more than 133000 plants, fine dining, state of the art gym and child care services.

The Stamford, Singapore

The Stamford is famous as one of the tallest Swissotel properties in Southeast Asia. The hotel consists of 1261 rooms and suites, each decorated with modern amenities, luxurious facilities and beautiful decors. The hotel also offers 16 different dining venues to choose from, access to world class shopping and excellent business facilities. Some of the main features of The Stamford include two free-form outdoor swimming pools, state of the art fitness center, Jacuzzi, yoga studio and a strength training area.

Pan Pacific Singapore

The Pan Pacific Singapore consists of 778 guest rooms and 26 meeting and conference venues. The hotel is an ideal option for business travelers in the city and it also offers meeting and banquet space of more than 2900 sq. m., high tech AV equipment and state of the art screens and projectors. The rooms are known to be cozy and soothing and each room offers a unique sense of style with designer Herman Miller fittings, Artemide Tolomeo lamps and ergonomic task chairs.

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