Vine Vera on Stretch Marks – VineVera Reviews

Stretch marks can be embarrassing and cause a woman to lose confidence in themselves. Wearing clothing that exposes the areas, such as a bathing suit, shorts, or a crop top may cease to happen. Stretch marks effect some women so badly, it can even interfere with their sex lives and cause complications in their relationships.

Hand with sign: stop stretch marks

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused by the body’s inability to properly expand when excess weight is gained. The skin and tissues tear due to needing extra room for the expanding body mass beneath. Many women during pregnancy develop stretch marks on their stomachs, and even on their sides and back. Stretch marks have become increasingly common due to the fact that two thirds of Americans are overweight today. This is an extremely disturbing fact being that obesity has doubled since only 1980. (Source: Centers for Disease Control)


Ways to Hide Stretch Marks

Wearing clothing that covers the areas of the body where the stretch marks are located is the best way to actually hide them. There are also body cosmetics which are said to hide the stretch marks. Some work well, according to reviews, and others – not so much. There is also the option of airbrush makeup, which can hide virtually anything. This is, for the most part, impractical as most women don’t have an airbrush setup at their homes.

Tanning at a salon or lying out in the sun can also help to camouflage the appearance of stretch marks as well. The darker the skin, the more difficult it is to see the stretch marks.

belly with stretch marks

Ways to Fade and Remove Stretch Marks

If you have light stretch marks that don’t cut too deep, chances are you are able to diminish them to nearly nothing. There are scar creams and stretch mark creams available in drug stores, department stores, and online to help fade the stretch marks to the point where they are barely noticeable. There is also the option of cocoa butter, which can help to fade the stretch marks as well. As a side note, the use of cocoa butter lotion during pregnancy can actually prevent pregnant women from developing stretch marks in the first place. There are also other options as we will discuss below.


Difficult Stretch Marks

Sometimes, there are stretch marks that are difficult to alleviate due to the fact that they are too deep, too dark, or too large. In these cases, you could perhaps speak with your dermatologist to discuss further options.

Some of these other options include laser therapy, and surgical removal of the stretch marks. Both of these options are extremely expensive, and it is a personal choice to opt for this kind of surgery. Make sure you discuss the pros and cons of these types of treatments with your doctor, and find out the possible side effects and negative things that can come along with these types of treatments.


Life Without Stretch Marks

If you have stretch marks, life doesn’t have to feel depressing and difficult. Try some of the above treatment options, and chances are you will find something that works well for you.

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Redness Relief

RosaceaRed skin can present itself in different ways, and could be attributed to many things. For women who struggle with reddened skin who haven’t previously been afflicted with this unfortunate condition, it can be stressful to understand the reasons as to how and why this is happening. There are various reasons as to what can cause skin to take on a reddish hue, and today we will be exploring a few of these reasons, as well as what can be done to alleviate the problem and restore normal coloration to your skin, if not correct it completely.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, otherwise known as Hypertension, occurs for various reasons. Some ongoing disorders may cause high blood pressure, such as thyroid or kidney disease. Other times, the cause is stress related. If you have an intense line of work where you are under a lot of pressure, or a stressful family and home life, your likelihood of developing high blood pressure is increased. When no cause is determined, this is known as essential hypertension. High blood pressure normally has many symptoms, or it may not exhibit itself at all through any symptom. Reddening of the facial skin is a common sign of high blood pressure, and will need to be treated by a medical doctor. Once you regain control over your blood pressure, either through means of medication, diet and exercise, or all three, chances are your reddened skin will return to its normal state.

Rosacea and Psoriasis

Rosacea and Psoriasis are conditions which affect the skin. Rosacea generally affects the T-Zone of the face, which is the nose/cheek regionm and it presents itself in the shape of a T. This is generally treated with medications from dermatologists, or by use of good cosmetics. Unfortunately for some, rosacea is something some women must live with because the treatment options aren’t for everyone. As with every medication, there are side effects. Your doctor can help you understand the best course of action with treating your Rosacea.

If medication fails, this is easy to cover up with a color correcting facial stick, which can be found in many cosmetic lines. These color correcting sticks combine green hues with skin tone hues to correct the apparent discoloration for the duration you are wearing it. It hides redness in any area, and isn’t noticeable under foundation of any kind. This is a great option for women who don’t want to go the medication route.

As far as Psoriasis is concerned, there are various forms. From Pustular Psoriasis, to plaque psoriasis, and beyond, the location and intensity in which psoriasis can afflict the skin varies from person to person. Psoriasis is categorized by its red appearance, as well as itchy patches and flaky skin. With that being said, seeing a dermatologist is your best bet as they can provide the appropriate course of action and treatment plan for each individual suffering with this disease. As Psoriasis is categorized as an auto immune disorder, it must be treated from within, while also treating topically with various serums, gels, and creams. The good news is, Psoriasis flare ups typically are not ongoing, and so at some point you will see some relief. Until then, following the treatment plan outlined by your dermatologist and using good cosmetics should be able to help you mask the problem for a while.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause skin to appear red and irritated. The best way to treat dry skin is with a good moisturizer. Being cautious of the face washes and cosmetics you use on your face is also a good idea. Don’t use anything acidic on dry skin; rather, infuse the skin with as much moisture as possible. Look for moisturizing face washes, and couple that with moisture infusing facial cream at night. Incorporating more water into your day, at least 8-10 glasses worth, can help with dry skin dramatically. A lot of women tend to suffer from dry skin in the winter months when the air becomes dryer and the heaters are turned on in their homes. Using a humidifier may also help your skin regain some of the moisture it has lost. When the skin is no longer red and irritated, it will be able to revert to its normal state, looking as gorgeous and beautiful as ever.

Have Hope

While these are only a mere few of the causes of redness, we hope you will gain some hope from the treatable conditions listed and know that these things can be fixed, for the most part. Makeup can work wonders for red skin, so experiment with different cosmetic products intended for red and sensitive skin, and hopefully you will find a solution that works for you.

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Should I Have This Mole Removed? – Vine Vera Review

Doctor looking at a mole on patients back

Moles are usually associated with melanoma, considered to be one of the deadliest forms of cancer. In fact, almost half of all melanomas arise in these moles. Many people wonder whether or not they should have their moles removed from their skin. However, it is not possible to remove all the moles that exist in the human body. Vine Vera suggests that you should consider the following factors before removing any mole from the body:

  • You feel that the mole looks really unattractive.
  • The mole is located in a place where it gets irritated by clothing.
  • The mole is located in an area of trauma.
  • Your physician feels that the mole looks unusual or suspicious.
  • The mole has changed frequently over time. This change might be in the form of persistent itching, shape, color, size, bleeding or ulceration. Moreover, if the first mole appears on your body after you’ve crossed the age of 20, you should always get it checked.

Common Warning Signs

Here are a few common warning signs with regards to moles. As the melanoma develops in the body, the changes in these moles can be recognized easily. Thus, it is essential to detect the mole in its early stage so as to cure it by basic excisions. The main warning signs of dangerous moles are –

  • When the mole is divided in half, the two sides do not match.
  • The mole goes through a change in terms of shape, color or size.
  • The border of the mole is blurred, irregular or ragged.
  • The diameter of the mole is more than 1/4th
  • The color of the mole has different colors and/ or shades.

People Who Face a Higher Risk of Developing Melanoma

There are a few people who have a higher risk of developing melanoma when compared to others.

  • There are numerous moles located all over the body (more than 70 – 100)
  • The mole tans instead of burning when exposed to the sun.
  • There is a family history of melanoma.
  • There is a family history of dysplastic or atypical moles.

Remember, most moles are harmless. They might be unattractive or irritating, but they are usually not known to be dangerous. If you suspect changes in your moles, visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist can easily decide whether or not a mole is dangerous for you. If you feel like removing a mole, the process is quite simple and painless as well. Most adults have benign moles and it is very rare for these moles to transform into melanoma. The best way to decide on when to remove your moles is to base it on its appearance, its size and the fact that it has changed.

Removal of a mole is usually done under a local anesthetic and it only takes a couple of minutes. The mole is removed on a piece of skin which is usually the shape of the eye, so that the skin can be stitched closed. Thus, excisions of a mole which is 7mm in size would most likely leave behind a scar of 2mm. However, if melanoma has been detected in the mole, the excision would be much wider.

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Vine Vera Examines What Signals Your Makeup is Sending – VineVera Reviews

Makeup Looks CollageHave you ever looked at a woman and instantly made up a decision about her character based on the look she portrays? Have you made judgments about someone based on her makeup and her looks? Yes, you have. And so has everyone else. So, what might come across as great in your eyes, might be accorded an extremely different vibe the moment you walk into the room. You need to understand that your makeup sends out certain signals and you might want to alter your looks in order to ensure that you send out the right signals.

Research conducted on the animal perception of faces has found that animals frequently alter their visual features in order to attract others, protect themselves or intimidate others. Humans are famous for their real time engagements and manipulations of visual signals so that they can use these signals as highly effective tools of communication. A study that was published in the Plos One Journal in the year 2011 talks about two different tests so as to understand the signals that the makeup sends. These studies asked viewers to rate a female face with makeup and without makeup, with the amount of makeup being varied from minimal to moderate to dramatic. Each look was created to provide an increased luminescence contrast between the surrounding skin an the facial features. Furthermore, the female face was shown for an unlimited time or for 250ms. All viewers were asked to rate the female face for attractiveness, trustworthiness, competence and likeability. The tests showed that at the 250ms mark, makeup had endless positive effects to offer. However, when unlimited inspection time was offered, the effect of cosmetics managed to give out contrasting signals for different people. The results of this study show that makeup and beauty has a significant effect on judging the level of likeability or competence of a person.

But, what does your makeup truly say about you? Vine Vera has rounded up some of the most common makeup looks and the perceptions that they are likely to generate.


The “Au Naturel” Look

If you’re a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but not when it comes to skin care, your skin is likely to glow and look healthy the moment you accentuate the lid with colors that range from white to apricot. Line your lashes with light brown shadows and make sure that you use very little mascara. Beautify your lips with nude shades. Sporting this look is likely to imply that you’re happy on the outside as well as the inside and that you have a gentle nature.


The Classic Beauty

You look goldish and use earth tones to accentuate the crease of your eyes. You blend this with coffee or tawny lip colors that give you that perfect “open” appearance. Use a thin liner and a modest amount of mascara to complete the look. This look is likely to portray you as a determined individual who is full of inner confidence. It is also likely to make you likeable and trustworthy.


The Trendy Look

You line your top and bottom eyelashes with cotton candy pink and light violet. You accentuate your creases with a midtone cocoa and line it with sable. You use a raspberry liner to color your lips. Pulling off this trendy look exemplifies your personality and makes you look vibrant and trendy. It gives you that “dare me” factor which simply makes you come across as charming and mysterious.


The Dreamer Look

You love wearing flowing skirts and complimenting them with ruffles. You sport a bohemian look that gives the message that you always have a story to tell. Your looks are truly based on your perfectly sculpted cheeks which have been bathed in soft spice colors. Your eyes offer the perfect blend of browns and light coppers and your lips sport a peach gloss lipstick.


The Bright Eyed Look

You really cannot stop smiling and are the go-to girl for anyone with a problem. Your look is all about shine and shimmer. Your eyes are a blend of dessert hues with very little accent shades. Your cheeks have been flushed with matte desert tones and you sport a gingerbread lipstick on your lips.


The Mysterious Look

You sport a bold look and you’re all about adventure. You love taking risks and are fun to talk to. Your look shines like a jewel from top to bottom. You use onyx shadow lines to define your eyes at the creases and the lash lines. You use navy and gold to give your face a degree of intensity. You use a berry liner to set your lips in their place.

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Vine Vera Helps You Face Your Skin Care Fears! – VineVera Reviews

Young woman hiding from her fears behind her handsIn lieu of National Face Your Fears Day, Vine Vera would like to bring you some tips on facing your skin care fears. There isn’t always a definitive answer as to how one might go about facing certain fears, as everyone is different. However; it’s safe to say this article should help you to get a grasp on the major skin care related fears, and help to put your mind at ease one way or another.

Dry Skin
Dealing with your dry skin fears is one of the easiest things you can do and it doesn’t require too much time or preparation. Investing in a good quality moisturizer is important, as well as getting a few facial loofah’s and perhaps some serums. Taking proper care of your face is essential to combating dry skin, and overcoming it. Drinking more water and perhaps taking some Vitamin E supplements as well as a Biotin supplement is also a great way to help restore the balance to your dry facial skin, and give it a more nourished, supple look.

Acne Prone Skin
If you have skin that is prone to breakouts, whether it’s one time a month or you have chronic acne breakouts, there are ways to attempt treatment at home, or ways to combat the problem with the help of a dermatologist. You can buy specialty face washes and toners specifically meant for acne prone skin, as well as serums and gels in which you can use to treat the problem as well. Dermatologists have specialty lines of products in which you can use to alleviate symptoms and help the skin to clear up. You can also be sure to get in the habit of proper face washing at least twice per day with a medicated face wash. Aside from these options, you can also check with your gynecologist to perhaps get on a method of birth control which can balance your hormones if it is caused to a hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, this is a simple and quick fix to the problem and many women have had a lot of success with it.

Oily Skin
If you have oily skin, washing your face two to three times per day with a specialty product formulated for oily or greasy skin is a great place to start. Try to refrain from using moisturizers as these generally make greasy and oily skin even greasier and more oily, causing more problems. Controlling the oil on your face can also prevent breakouts and give your face a healthy appearance. Watching what you eat is also important as different foods can tend to cause your skin to become oily, and for someone who already has oily skin, this will make their problem increasingly worse.

Blotchy Skin
Blotchy skin can be quickly fixed with good cosmetics to hide the uneven tone. A good cover up and foundation as well as makeup palate and perhaps color corrector stick can also provide even, smooth coverage and give you a flawless finish. Give a few top brands a try and find one that works best for you.

There are many other skin problems and fears women will face each day; these are just a few of the major problems afflicting women in their day to day lives. Skin conditions and problematic skin don’t have to rule your world. Combat your skin care fears by educating yourself and being proactive. VineVera believes every woman deserves to have healthy, beautiful skin, and we hope you will take a stand to face your skin care fears today!

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Vine Vera Brings You Five Lipstick Shades to Try – VineVera Reviews

Various colors of dripping lipstick shadesFall is here, and it’s time to delve into the wonderful, colorful world of autumn colors and looks. This year, there are some incredible color schemes to choose from in terms of clothes and makeup. Vine Vera is here to provide you with some tips on choosing the coolest shades (no pun intended!) for fall 2014.

#1: Nudes

Nude lips are a forever classic, and can work with any skin tone. While the color isn’t vibrant and flashy, nude colors are exceptionally versatile and go with any outfit. The look is clean and classy, and can work for any time of day or night. Nude shades offer a subtle look while dressing up your lips for work, or even for a night out with friends. There are various nude shades to fit any skin tone, and they vary in depth to give you the perfect look you are going for.

#2: Rich Reds

Rich, vibrant red lipsticks come in various shades, and are absolutely perfect for fall. From subtle candy apple reds, to rich, deep merlot tones, there are many color shades to choose from. Our pick this fall is cherry red because we love the vibrancy and brightness of this gorgeous hue.

#3: Peachy Hues

While peach shades aren’t typically thought to be associated with fall, a dark apricot color is a fantastic variation to wean out of the summer months’ colors and to move forward into fall. If you aren’t quite ready for fall just yet, and are longing for the summer days with peaches and pinks, try a dark peach hue on for size.

#4: Berry tones

Like peach, berry tones aren’t normally thought about when it comes to fall color schemes. This year, Fall Fashion Week rocked the berry tones in a big way, and that’s why we give you the go-ahead to indulge in a sweet and flirty berry tone for all of your fall fashions. There are color variations from light mauve shades to more rich and lustrous tones like dusty pink rose and everything in between. We love them all! Give some different berry shades a try, and find your favorite.

#5: Brown Hues

Last but not least, we have just got to add brown and tan tones on this list! What would fall be without a rich brown lip shade? From cocoa to brown sugar to brownish-pink hues, one thing’s for sure – brown is a clever, quick addition to any fall outfit and can tie your entire outfit together in a snap.

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Vine Vera on Does Happiness Lead to Better Skin

Happy young woman with beautiful skinSkin disorders are a major physical hindrance, but they can also lead to huge psychological impacts in a person as well. One of the biggest issues that people with skin issues face is the public perception about them. This leads to all sorts of mental issues – right from stress and shame to depression and suicidal instincts. It has become extremely important to popularize knowledge based psychology on television shows. There are so many shows that are not backed by proper knowledge, and this can be a dangerous thing. It makes sense to say things that are research based as it helps to slowly impact public perception, particularly when it comes to the skin and its issues.

There is no secret in the fact that contemporary culture emphasizes on a flawless appearance. It also ruins the lives of so many who fail to live up to the glossy magazine standards. Psychologists have always studied the psychological effects of issues like vitiligo, psoriasis and eczema. One of the best examples of such a study was published in the British Journal of Medical Psychology. This study was conducted by Linda Papadopoulos, a clinical counselling psychologist at the London Guildhall University.

Linda mentioned that skin diseases are among the most minimized conditions in the body. As a result, it doesn’t get the right kind of attention from the medical industry, which is mostly concerned about the quantity of life, not about the quality of life. In fact, very few general practitioners are trained in dermatology. Thus, people with skin issues normally don’t get recommended for treatments because these issues are not seen to be serious.

But, what most people fail to understand is that although skin issues might not be a major problem physically, they are an immense mental issue. These problems can lead to issues like withdrawal, depression and suicidal symptoms. To further her studies, Linda is now involved in a study which tries to determine whether people commit suicide as a result of acne or as a result of the skin becoming better. She feels that acne is an ideal way of covering up one’s problems; but once the acne goes away, there is nothing left for the person to blame.

Another issue that usually crops up is that since skin disease is immediately visible, it leaves you susceptible to public perception. As a result, it can have a huge psychological impact on the person. The fact that very little attention is paid to the issue simply makes things worse.

Dr. Nick Lowe, the director of the Cranley Clinic, London, England; feels that stress is not the root cause of chronic acne, but it is definitely the trigger factor. He mentioned that emotional issues are not just responsible for making skin conditions worse, they are also responsible for preventing therapies from being effective. Thus, if a person’s skin issue is 50% because of hereditary factors and 30% because of lifestyle issues, the remaining 20% is more or less because of psychological factors. Tackling this psychological side might just help people to enjoy beautiful looking skin once more. A British study also confirmed that unless the emotions of people suffering from skin issues are entwined with the condition, therapies are pointless.

So the ultimate question that people need to ask is whether their skin problems are linked to their emotional well being or not!

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